Manufacturers of food, process equipment or packaging lines must meet safety standards for operating personnel.

This requires protective fences built around machines. However, constructing fences is usually time-consuming and expensive. At Anuga FoodTec 2018, NTF Aalborg A/S is introducing an online tool enabling easy creation of hygienic and cleaning-friendly machine guard solutions to the food industry.  

“The new FenceCreator is a free online application where food manufacturers can easily upload blue prints of machines, packaging systems or production lines and construct their own customised machine guarding solution in 3D,” says Christian Leth, Sales Manager at NTF Aalborg A/S.  

”Instead of spending valuable time sending machine guarding designs back and forth between the constructors, manufacturers of process equipment and packaging lines to the food industry are now able to order the approved design of their choice directly from NFT Aalborg. This reduces time and costs as well as eases delivery that can be made within a few working days,” he explains.

Customised safety fences

FenceCreator is an innovative and user-friendly tool based on standard fence modules which can be combined in various combinations and customised to the manufacturers’ individual needs.  

“First of all, manufacturers can choose to design a guarding solution that automatically optimises costs by using the minimum of fence modules to guard the machine or a solution that optimises the look by creating symmetric fences. It is also possible to add different types of door solutions and emergency switch brackets,” Christian Leth says.

”At the same time, the guarding solution can be adapted to conveyors and steam pipes. For instance, if you have a packaging system, a conveyor need to be connected to the packaging robot and go through the fence. Using FenceCreator, manufacturers of process equipment or packaging lines simply use the online application to mark cut-outs in the grating,” he continues.   

Guaranteed hygienic guarding solutions

The machine guards from NTF Aalborg A/S are developed in close cooperation with the food industry and tailored to the project because they are made from stainless steel enabling manufacturers to ensure a high level of food safety. 

“To make a guarding solution cleaning-friendly, it is important to reduce the number of horizontal surfaces where dirt easily piles. With FenceCreater, manufacturers of food, process equipment and packaging lines are guaranteed a stainless steel solution with very few horizontal surfaces on the poles and gratings without compromising safety,” Christian Leth says. 

Meet NTF Aalborg A/S at Anuga FoodTec 2018 at hall 10.1, stand C-098.

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