Matrix Pack 2024

In the latest edition of the Spotlight, the leading provider of sustainable packaging solutions Matrix Pack provides an update on the status of the ongoing substantial investment undertaken to produce high-definition, smooth-surface, premium quality wood fibre pulp products.

As Jack Welch said some time ago, “change before you have to,” Matrix Pack is a living example of a business with a forward-thinking mindset that plans ahead with the endeavour to support organizations that operate in various industries (i.e. food service, FMCG, pharma, cosmetics) to transition to plastic-free, sustainable packaging products and componentry, to meet enacted or planned legislative requirements as well as the ever-changing consumer needs while reducing their climate impact and CO2 emissions, in light of the environmental degradation and its impact on the planet and on human life.

Matrix Pack has successfully installed cutting-edge manufacturing equipment with a capacity of 5,000 tons of FSC certified wood moulded fibre finished products and componentry at its state-of-the-art automated production facilities in Greece, while it ambitiously plans to install a further 10,000 tons capacity in both Greece and the USA. In addition, Matrix Pack has successfully run pilot tests in using the most advanced dry moulded fibre technology, while its first forming line will be arriving in its Greek R&D Center of Excellence this March with the project planned to be rolled out with additional lines in both its Greek and US production sites.

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Matrix Pack endeavors to become one of the largest global producers and suppliers of FSC certified wood moulded pulp (PFAS-free) products through its multiple production facilities (in the USA, UK, Bulgaria, Greece) and vast global distribution network. To that end, it aims to become a partner of choice for leading organizations that aspire to fully differentiate themselves within the competitive innovation ecosystem. Matrix Pack can help organizations to realize their current or future sustainable packaging needs.

In terms of the product range that Matrix Pack can develop and manufacture, it covers multiple segments or industries, from single-use cups, lids, plates, trays, clamshells for food service, to longer usage containers for spreads and butter substitutes for the FMCG, to blister packs for the pharma sector, as well as high-definition packaging for technology (e.g. smart phones and other devices) and cosmetic companies. It can also offer sophisticated product solutions in terms of barrier coatings applied on its products, thanks to its strategic, long-standing partnerships with its supply partners.

Matrix Pack is customer-centric, and it endeavors to offer inspiring and calming moments to its partners and end-customers.

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