Logopak showcases its latest product. The 500+ series excels in the labelling of beverage containers, providing high performance, exceptional flexibility and user comfort.

The system will be presented in operation at the drinktec trade fair (Munich, 11–15.9.2017, Hall B4.125).

The new 500+ series labelling system achieves an output of over 140 labels per minute in real-time labelling. This facilitates individual labelling of different products without time lost through changeover times. The synchronised label and thermo-transfer running length of 800 metres is a special feature to minimise line stops. In keeping with Logopak’s customary style, the standard machines are designed according to a modular principle and can be configured to meet specific requirements. With over 30 applicators that are easy to assemble, all conventional affixing variations (top, front and side labelling) can be applied with great flexibility. The 500+ series facilitates the thermo-direct and thermo-transfer pressure procedure in high quality for labels up to A5. Inwardly and outwardly rolled labels and thermo-transfer rolls are processed at widths of up to 165 mm. The machines can also be used in stand-alone operation without a PC or connection to a higher-level software system.

Labelling with a high level of user comfortThe operation of the 500+ series labelling system is extremely user-friendly. For example the printing units, which are designed as quick-change systems, can be easily exchanged. All existing printing units from previous models are compatible with the new series. The remaining running time is displayed depending on the cyclic output for the expendable material in the rolls, and the pre-warning signal for the end of the roll can be individually set. The open construction of the main drive aids the insertion of expendable material. The fewer number of guide rollers for simple handling of labels and thermo-transfer also ensures user comfort.

Robust and hygiene-friendly designThe 500+ series also excels with its robust and hygiene-friendly design. The 12 mm thick base body plate made from anodised aluminium ensures particular stability. The round design without corners and edges prevents dirt adhesion and makes cleaning easier. The main drive is similar to the 920 series, which is often used for pallet labelling in the beverages industry. The machine unit is available in a right and left version for optimal integration into production.

Transparent processes and quality certificationThe 500+ series machines can also be equipped with RFID technology and scanner-barcode validation. Logopak also offers the option of barcode verification: the vericoder automatically tests the quality of the barcode on each label according to ISO/IEC 15426-1 standards during the printing process.

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