Lintec Corporation will exhibit products at Labelexpo Europe 2017, to be held on 25 to 28 September 2017 at Brussels Expo (Stand 3C15). As at the previous Labelexpo Europe, the world's largest trade show for the label field held every two years, the company will display both various newly developed products that will be introduced simultaneously worldwide, and various adhesive label materials that are already highly rated in Japan, this time under the concept, “Solutions that stick.”

Lintec will exhibit high-performance labelstocks, primarily for industrial, medical and pharmaceutical uses, as well as various other products with a wide range of uses. A few of the products that we will exhibit are introduced below. Through these products, we are confident that we can demonstrate its strengths.  

Super-strength adhesive labelstocks 

Characterized by very strong adhesiveness that enables not only firm applying to surfaces to which labels are difficult to apply such as rough surfaces, polypropylene, and polycarbonates, making it suitable for uses such as warning labels for electrical devices and security labels. In addition, strong adhesion between two adhesive surfaces makes this labelstock suitable for baggage tags.

Easy-to-apply, bubble-free labelstocks

In addition to having excellent air releasability that enables labels to be applied neatly without trapped air, this labelstock eliminates blistering and swelling due to outgassing from molded plastics. Suitable for uses such as nameplates for electrical devices, display labels and large labels. This labelstock was announced globally at Labelexpo Europe 2015 and has since received a great deal of attention.

Labelstocks for oily surfaces

The adhesives absorb oil and can therefore be applied directly and firmly to surfaces that are oily. Also, highly adhesive to rough surfaces and therefore suited for uses such as applying to steel control labels, and automobile parts. This labelstock was announced globally at Labelexpo Europe 2015 and has since received a great deal of attention.

Blood & IV bag labelstocks

Labelstock that remains firmly applied even during sterilization or freezing. The line-up consists of two types: one that is readily adhesive, and another that requires heat-sealing. These are highly reliable products that are already highly rated and in wide use in various countries throughout the world.

High durability labelstocks for test tube

Labelstock that remains firmly applied after adhesion at ordinary temperatures. Does not peel off even in ultra-cold environments. Compatible with temperatures as low as -196ºC, the boiling point of nitrogen.  Also adheres well to curved surfaces and can therefore be used for test tubes, ampules, etc.

Labelstocks for freezing and boiling

Developed with the concept, "No peeling even when frozen or boiled," this labelstock can withstand heat treatment, such as transfer from a freezer or refrigerator directly into boiling water. Suitable for use as display labels on boil-in-the-bag food.

Returnable labelstocks

Lintec has a line-up of various labelstock that are easily removed from containers and bottles through various methods, using water, warm water, alkaline water, etc. These products make an important contribution to the recycling and reuse of containers.

Labelstocks suitable for digital printing

Lintec has a line-up of various labelstocks that are suitable for digital printing, a method popular in the European market. We have prepared numerous products that enable smooth printing using various types of printer, even without pretreatment.

The company also intends to exhibit various new products, as well as unique products that are currently in planning or development by Lintec Graphic Films Limited.  

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