Anthem Worldwide, the global creative agency has continued its partnership with Nestlé to create packaging designs for the highly anticipated KITKAT Ruby chocolate bar.

The new product which launches in the UK this month, has been developed to target millennial ‘foodies’ who are eager to discover new tastes. Paired with a crisp, light wafer, KITKAT Ruby is a confectionery bar made with natural Ruby cocoa beans and combining velvety creaminess with a bold hit of luscious fruitiness and a stunning pink colour for a vibrant and pleasurable treat. KITKAT Ruby provides lovers of the KITKAT brand with an opportunity to discover something new and delivers the perfect chance to have a break and escape. The creative team at Anthem was briefed to create packaging designs imbued with a sense of intrigue to entice consumers to engage fully with the new product.

Martin Ward, Nestlé creative lead at Anthem commented: “This is a really dramatic brand innovation. KITKAT has been in existence since 1935 and has regularly connected with generations of consumers. It’s one of the world’s top three confectionery brands because it’s been able to continue to do this.”

Ellie Worley, senior brand manager at Nestlé added: “Through Anthem’s attractive pack design, consumers can now discover KITKAT Ruby, a new, delicious and unique berry flavour experience. It’s important for us to continually find ways to refresh the brand and to keep captivating and surprising our consumers in a way that is relevant to them but also stays true to the brand and its values.” 

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