The thermoforming  plastics industry has conventionally had closure systems which lock by being assembled at 180 degrees to each other, but how about 90 degrees?

Macpac’s design engineers asked themselves this question as it demonstrates big potential for furthering and advancing thermoforming technology. 

Over the last few years Macpac has developed a brand new closure which allows packs to be assembled in a completely new way.  Macpac and their designers have called it SNAP-IN.The first application was launched in conjunction with Staeger Clear Packaging  and it has subsequently offered the perfect solution for one of the UK’s leading supermarket chains. The SNAP-IN innovation delivers the optimal packaging for all sizes of plants and can also provide solutions in the food sector. 

This award winning closure system enables a pack base to be connected to a clear protective sleeve giving rigidity and strength. A series of press stud tabs fold up from the base and snap into die punched holes in the sleeve.  Precision manufacture provides a perfect fit making for a strong, robust union between the base and the sleeve.  There is a built-in carrying strap handle in the sleeve. It can also be any shape and size. In recent times SNAP-IN won a bronze UK Starpack award.

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