ROTOCONTROL, a manufacturer of leading-edge label slitter/rewinder inspection and finishing machines announced another DT-series sale to Hagmaier Etiketten & Druck, a German family-owned printer based near Stuttgart. Flexibility in customisation and premium technology were major factors leading to the investment of their new ROTOCONTROL machine for finishing of digitally created labels, complementing Hagmaier's expertise in digital print over the last six years.

Flexibility in the final design was important to Hagmaier, to incorporate a number of their unique requirements, in addition to cost, performance and service. An on-site visit to ROTOCONTROL headquarters to learn more about its advanced technology, and a customer visit to see the DT-series first-hand in a production environment convinced both Rodolfo Hagmaier, member of the Hagmaier management team and Valeri Merkel, Hagmaier's production manager to opt for ROTOCONTROL.

"With our new investment, we can advance in existing markets and open new opportunities to meet special customer requirements," said Merkel. "ROTOCONTROL was very open to implement our many special requirements and optimally build the machine according to our expectations. The transparent purchase process confirmed the right decision was made."

The ROTOCONTROL DT-series is a fully modular, versatile finishing machine with a rich standard feature set for processing and finishing digitally created labels with increased speed to 67m/min in semi-rotary mode. Optional finishing modules designed to complement digital label printing operations are a fully integrated semi-rotary printing station, a semi-rotary die-cutting unit and unwind module, and a slitting unit with automatic non-stop turret dual rewind.Marco Aengenvoort, managing director of ROTOCONTROL commented: "Hagmaier is an esteemed printer in Germany with an earned history of success from the family's diligence, perseverance and commitment to innovation. It is an honour for ROTOCONTROL to collaborate with Hagmaier and contribute a finishing solution that complements their impressive production facility.

"The interest and sales of our DT-series finishing solution for digitally created labels have accelerated in the last few years, and significantly contributed to our overall 30% increase in sales in 2016. The capability of inline finishing with digital presses is a significant factor, in addition to multiple options allowing us to highly customise the machine." 

With over 70 years of experience, the third generation Hagmaier is a thriving family business with Thomas Hagmaier leading the company since 2012, along-side his two sons Rodolfo and Max. Customer-oriented and drive are the foundation of the innovative, high-performance, lean-oriented, and environment-focused Hagmaier operation. Labels in a range of conceivable designs for logistics, trade, textile, industry, identification, and office use can be printed in small to large runs on Hagmaier's state-of-the-art machines, with die-cutting and embellishing options available. Hagmaier also specialises in cardboard, tickets, mono film and composite film.

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