Grafikontrol, leader in manufacturing press controls for the graphic industry, will introduce the whole TQC-360° products family - at PRINT4ALL, Hall 18, stand C08-D07 in Milan from May 29 to June 1 - now enriched with two new components, LYNEX C/S and MATRIX C/S, dedicated to 100% inspection and statistics of coating, varnish, cold seal.

With the TQC-360° products line Grafikontrol strives to present itself as a global partner covering every aspect of the print production by offering products, applications, processes and services aimed at guaranteeing a defect-free printing.

360° Solutions for packaging

At PRINT4ALL all Grafikontrol's TQC-360° systems of quality control and register control for rotogravure, flexo and offset sectors for packaging and labels will be live demonstrated, using two rotary simulators.

MATRIX: the web viewing system is an area camera that moves across the web taking high quality snapshots of the whole running web. The 6 Mpixel camera resolution ensures fantastic quality and realistic colour reproduction. MATRIX can be loaded with multiple options such as statistical inspection, delta colour monitoring with ∆E, barcode verification, print repeat monitoring, UV coating visualization and transparent varnish inspection

MATRIX C/S: it is the new matrix system for simultaneous display of the correct superimposition of the front print with glue or varnish applied on the opposite site (duplex register)

LYNEX: it is a true 100% inspection system that can be used as a stand alone system or integrated with MATRIX. LYNEX can compare live printing with the PDF file that has been used to produce the printed plates or the gravure cylinders. That provides the operator with the ability to verify if the print matches with the original file

LYNEX-S: it is a 100% print inspection system for gravure, flexo, offset, dedicated to narrow web and neutral film including all the LYNEX features

LYNEX C/S: it has been designed to inspect the 100% of the web for coating, varnish or cold-seal on printed or base substrates

CHROMALAB: in-line real spectrophotometer, to monitor the colour trend of all printed colours; the system provides real time measurement and trends of Spectral curves, Density, dot gain, L*a*b*, ∆E

PROGREX: a combination of the functions of MATRIX and LYNEX to form a complete tool, that helps the user with each print phase on gravure flexographic and offset presses

CR33-CR34: register controls for rotogravure and flexographic presses that ensures register stability among colours for the entire production and reduces waste

PROCHECK: a unique and innovative system for a full defect traceability and removal from printed rolls.

New entries in the TQC-360° line

Developed starting from customers needs, the new LYNEX C/S and MATRIX C/S solutions are presented to the market during PRINT4ALL.

LYNEX C/S is a 100% inspection system expressly developed for quality control of cold seal or transparent coating/varnish. When integrated with LYNEX or PROGREX systems, the front-to-back image can be superimposed on a 55 “monitor.

MATRIX C/S consists of two opposed cameras and the perfect synchronization allows the operator to check register between front print and a glue or cold seal applied on the back.

“In the first few months of 2018 we have already installed a dozen LYNEX C/S systems in various countries of the world", says Paolo De Grandis, sales manager and partner in Grafikontrol. "The ability to integrate systems has been the key element that customers have appreciated. Integration is at the heart of our TQC-36° concept and fully meets the specifications of the Industry 4.0 project. Grafikontrol’s products have a modular structure so that customers can start with a configuration and implement it at any time."

360° Solutions for commercial printing

As a print control specialist, Grafikontrol has developed specific solutions for commercial and newspaper printing applications.

CR25-CR26, colour register controls with MicroMarks; the high-speed cameras allow to measure register marks in very small spaces at every plate revolution

CR25TPLT, longitudinal and transversal register control of cutting and bending with use of MicroMarks

COLORSCAN, through in-line spectrophotometric measurements, it allows a quick automatic colour control and damping. It is dedicated to web-offset printing presses (heatset and coldset) and rotogravure

PM3, 100% paper inspection system, from the reel stand to the press delivery, to check and allow the operator to distinguish web breaks due to the press settings from those due to the paper quality.

PRINT4ALL: more than the sum of three fairs

“PRINT4ALL is presented as more than the sum of the three Grafitalia, Converflex and Inprinting trade shows. We believe in this project of Fiera Milano and we will participate at PRINT4ALL with great expectations", concludes Paolo De Grandis. "This fair must become one of the main points of reference for the printing industry on a global level, like drupa, but with a regional identification more oriented to the countries of the Mediterranean area.”

“Based on the new fair format, the three main vertical markets will be involved, such as commercial printing and publishing, converting, package and label printing, industrial printing. We are able to offer solutions for all these markets.”

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