The IMDA Awards competition is an annual event organised by the American ‘In-Mold Decorating Association’. The IMDA is an organization of molders, printers, material suppliers and equipment manufacturers representing in-mold labeling and decorating industries, whose products can be found all over the world. 

The jury of the eleventh IMDA Awards ceremony congratulated market leader Verstraete IML, part of the Constantia Labels group,  on winning in the following four categories: Best Thermoformed IML Package, Best Part Design, Best Label Design and for the second consecutive year the Best Thin Wall Package. In total Verstraete IML brought home four of the 13 awards, having increased its IMDA collection to 12 awards in just three years of participation. 

Peter Paelinck (Business Development Manager North America): “I can honestly say that we are delighted to win four awards in four different categories. All of the winners show the exceptional abilities on how to decorate thin wall packaging with IML. IML has endless possibilities. Visual aspects such as Metallic, Doublesided and Matte & UltraGloss give brands the possibilities to stand out on shelf. Furthermore, IML labels can also help to preserve food for a longer time, thanks to Barrier IML.”  •    Best Thin Wall Package – Gold for Dairymaid

Plastic packaging producer Dairypack Tubs developed, together with Verstraete IML, a new Country Fresh IML box that became the very first ice-cream packaging in South Africa with the lid entirely covered by an IML label. Not only is the new design eye-catching, it is also more user-friendly thanks to the ‘open here’-corner. The advanced injection molding technology helped to make the package 10% lighter. This, together with a new compact format allowed shop owners to stack up to 25% more. The entire packaging is 100% recyclable as both the container and the lid are made out of polypropylene. 

•    Best Thermoform IML Package - Gold for Pillsbury

As one of the leaders in the consumer packaged goods industry, J.M. Smucker, partnered with Tech II and Verstraete IML to launch a new and exciting Pillsbury Peanut Butter/Chocolate Frosting product. In-mold labeling provides this package with premium, picturesque graphics highlighting every detail of the peanut butter swirl. The elongated shelf life provided by the oxygen barrier layer also decreases the spoilage rate of the product on the grocery store shelf. After being used, the package can be simply tossed into the recycling bin; no label separation is required.

•    Best Label Design - Silver for SNO-BALLS TO GO

The world famous refreshing shaved ice, produced by Sno-Balls To-Go, received a new shiny and colorful package that catches the eye in the stores. The brand owner decided to convert the previously used paper rolled pint into a new polypropylene container with premium in-mold labeling (IML) in order to prevent the product from licking and drying out. 

•    Best Part Design - Silver for Valio Ltd

The Finnish leading dairy producer Valio Ltd presented a lactose-free panna cotta in a specially developed packaging that allows to serve this dessert quickly and attractively. A new customized pot with a convenient click-and-push feature at the bottom was developed by the reputable packaging company RPC Superfos. Valio was looking for premium quality and a great look, which is exactly what IML offers: the printing quality is excellent and the entire packaging can be covered with a single label. In addition, the labels are strong, hygienic and resistant to moisture and extreme temperature fluctuations. 

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