TraceLink Inc., the Track and Trace Network for connecting the life sciences supply chain and providing real-time information sharing for better patient outcomes, has announced the latest keynote speakers for its upcoming FutureLink Munich conference to be held June 5-7, 2018.

 Confirmed speakers include industry and academic thought-leaders: Professor Elgar Fleisch, Ph.D., of ETH Zurich; Justus Wolff of the Syte Institute; and, Andrew Rut, M.D., CEO, MyMeds&Me.

FutureLink Munich Addresses Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Patient Engagement The unique FutureLink value track will address the operational and commercial challenges in the pharmaceutical and healthcare arenas, delivering industry insights on how to capitalize on serialization and big data with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and predictive analytics, to improve patient outcomes. The conference will include discussions and workshops for commercial executives interested developing transformative strategies for brand protection, patient safety, instant and accurate product recalls and directly engaging healthcare providers at the point-of-dispense, and with patients at the point of consumption. 

Featured value speakers at FutureLink Munich include: 

•    Professor Elgar Fleisch, Ph.D. from ETH Zurich and the University of St. Gallen, will cover the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in the pharmaceutical and healthcare fields in his presentation, “The Digital Pill: How Digital Technologies Change Health Care.” 

•    Justus Wolffe, Manager for Strategy and M&A at Syte Institute for Digital Health, will discuss the impact of big data and the application of AI in personalized medicine, drug discovery, pre-clinical and clinical development, including the implications of serialized data in a fully digital drug supply. 

•    Andrew Rut, M.D., co-founder and CEO of MyMeds&Me, and former vice president at GlaxoSmithKline will present “Transforming Adverse Event Reporting and Patient Safety with Serialized Medicine.” In his session, Dr. Rut will discuss how serialization will drive increased patient safety through advancements in adverse event reporting and product authenticity.  

•    David Rowan, Founding Editor-in-Chief of WIRED UK Magazine will kick off FutureLink Munich with a keynote presentation on the latest digital advancements disrupting healthcare and the digital mind-set that is critical in order to embrace new technology innovations.

“The future of healthcare is heading towards this revolutionary merge of the digital and physical world. New and advanced technologies such as high-resolution sensors, machine learning, digital biomarkers, health data platforms and conversational agents, will transform global healthcare in fighting chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic respiratory disease, diabetes, and mental illness. To a large part, these diseases can be relieved or even prevented by inducing behavioral change and leveraging AI and precision medicine. For the first time, through these technological advancements, as well as the ability to seamlessly share information, such as serialized data, we have the scalable platforms to make a positive impact on alleviating the burden of these diseases.”

“I am delighted to be speaking at FutureLink, which will provide an opportunity to delve into challenges across the global pharmaceutical supply chain. The event will address highly topical issues including real-time information sharing for increased patient safety,” said Dr. Rut, CEO of MyMeds&Me. “The move towards pharmaceutical serialisation is imminent and, as a result, EU FMD requirements, such as medicine verification both at the pharmacy level and in future directly by consumers, enables accurate and immediate linkage of adverse events with potential product quality issues.  The goal is detect quality and safety issues early and provide patients and healthcare professionals the assurance of product integrity.”

FutureLink Munich is being held at the Sheraton Munich Arabellapark Hotel. For further information and to register for the conference, visit