During the congress, the latest innovations of the European paper sack and sack kraft paper industry were honoured with the EUROSAC Grand Prix Award.

The German company dy-pack scored a hat trick with its new dy-vest concept and was successful against the entries of BillerudKorsnäs and Mimcord. The congress “Performance powered by nature. Let’s talk!” invited participants to engaging discussions about the recent developments on the paper sack markets, as well as the marketing and communication activities and the trends going forward within the industry.  

The European paper sack industry recorded a healthy growth of 1.8% in 2016. In addition to the update on the successful developments on the European market, the participants cast a glance at the present paper sack trade worldwide and the future of the global sack and sack kraft paper industry up to 2021.  

EUROSAC Grand Prix Award 2017 The presentation of the EUROSAC Grand Prix Award featured interesting insights about the strength of innovation. Only the industry’s most creative developments of the past year were honoured “and show what happens when somebody dreams and dares”, as jury member Francisco Quiñonez, President of Bemisal, put it. The EUROSAC Grand Prix 2017 trophy was awarded to dy-pack for its new bagwithin-a-bag concept dy-vest. According to the jury, it will bring the most added value to the industry – and fuel its future innovative spirit. 

1) With dy-vest, dy-pack introduced the first valve sack technology that fulfils the hygienic requirements of cleanrooms. The outer valve sack layer of the three-ply construction can be stripped from the inner sack. Dy-vest thus combines the advantages of valve sacks such as fast and economical filling with the demands of the food and pharma industries. The environmentally friendly sack is available for all filling machines, bag variants and sizes.  2) BillerudKorsnäs presented RainSafe. The three-ply sack (two paper layers and a HDPE liner) withstands at least four hours of rain according to DIN EN ISO 2875 without water or vapour damaging the filled product. By varying the thickness of the HDPE film, the shelf life of the product can be customised to the customer’s needs. The sack reaches the same filling speeds as regular high porous paper sacks and is made of renewable paper. 

3) The Multiply-Cord Handle for paper carrier bags by Mimcord is produced from 100% kraft FSC or PEFC-certified paper. It can be created in multiple colours and is recyclable and compostable. The cord increases production efficiency as its different plies enable the handle to be glued more easily and securely on the bag. By dividing the weight between the cord plies, the handle also increases the carrier’s comfort.  

Strong focus on marketing and communication Also on the agenda were the achievements of the communication campaign of EUROSAC and CEPI Eurokraft which provided part of the congress’ theme: Performance powered by nature. Let’s talk! “We are offering products that meet the rising demands of our customers and legislation fully, and this in a sustainable way. To stay successful in the market, we need to communicate this message,” added EUROSAC president Luis Elorriaga, explaining the common thread of this year’s congress. Thus, the audience explored new marketing trends in B2B, their advantages and challenges, and looked beyond the their own horizons to get inspiration from innovative promotion practices from others. 

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