EcoCortec®’s films and bags are manufactured utilizing Cortec’s patented VpCI® technology which represents a breakthrough solution in corrosion prevention. From highly-effective film and foam technology to premium custom converted papers, EcoCortec® plant exports its wide range of products all over the world. Earlier this year the plant launched “Plastic Recycling Project” first of its kind in Europe. EcoCortec® implemented this European wide initiative to collect and recycle used films and bags. Within the Recycling Programme, Cortec’s customers send their waste material back to the Croatian plant which is then completely recycled and used for manufacturing a new product. 

Thanks to its smart leadership, innovative solutions and reliable team, the company’s sales are growing every year. With 90% of products exported to Europe, Asia and USA, EcoCortec® has become one of the leading Croatian exporters in this field. 

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