drupa has announced the partners who will contribute to the touchpoint packaging 2020 steering committee.

After a successful premiere at drupa 2016, touchpoint packaging will once again be the place to be for converters and brand owners involved within the packaging industry. The representatives cover the full spectrum of packaging: Agfa, BOBST, Danone, ESKO, Heidelberg, HP Indigo, Kurz, Nestlé and Siegwerk.

All members of the drupa touchpoint packaging 2020 project, printing and converting industry manufacturers and international brand owners will closely work with packaging designers and students bringing to life the latest possibilities in packaging.The objective of the committee is to understand how the mega trends shaping our society will influence the packaging production. From new substrates, customisation, reduced environmental impact, connected packaging and more, the drupa visitors will discover amazing solutions. The intent is not to focus on what is already being done but to showcase inspiring new cases addressing brands challenges and pointing out meaningful directions where packaging can go.

All members are engaged with this topic and they all want to contribute to a better world with a better packaging production. BOBST as a packaging pioneer and innovator is “proud to partner with drupa, giving printers, converters and brand owners the chance to experience the future of packaging in a very engaging way across all types of applications from design to printing and finishing.” HP Indigo added, “innovative printing technologies have the power to use packaging to inform customers, convey new ideas and support causes. It’s changing the relationship between a brand and its customers”.

According to Esko, “the packaging production process today is connected, digitized and automated and touchpoint packaging is a platform to demonstrate how packaging solutions support and connect the entire supply chain effectively”. Agfa developing innovative, smart packaging printing solutions commented that “touchpoint packaging will enable brand owners to increase efficiency and security, as well as grow their business with better conceived packaging”.

Heidelberg, as a major industry player joined the committee with the intent “to show the vision of the future, along with new challenges in the market”. Siegwerk, as global leader of inks for packaging applications commented that the collaboration among all the members in the project will “address promising trends and visions of future packaging that meet future requirements of packaging in a fast-changing world”.

Last, Kurz, an expert for decorative and functional coatings, has always regarded packaging design as “a connecting element and decorative and functional surface finishes as a sensory contact between the product and the consumers, between technology and aesthetics; between manufacturing and marketing; between protection and decoration; reflecting the true product’s soul”.

In a nutshell, drupa touchpoint packaging 2020 will display the latest solutions and applications and show how future packaging and design will deliver additional value, stimuli and growth opportunities in a fast-changing world.International brand owners are going to play a major role. Nestlé commented, “touchpoint packaging is a unique opportunity to showcase solutions addressing the needs of our consumers and societal impact of packaging in an ever-changing environment”.  Danone added, “the steering committee in a team of interdisciplinary experts of the brand and packaging business can contribute to creating the future of packaging.”

Packaging is the largest printing market and is growing. Brands invest heavily in new designs and customer experiences. Packages are the brands preferred customer touchpoint. The global population enrichment and growth, the new customer living styles and expectations for more relevant packages, the growing requirements for reduced environmental impacts and the digitalization of all kinds are all forces driving and shaping the packaging evolution.