CSi is introducing the third robot brand on its palletising platform ‘i-Pal’. It is now also possible to order the i-Pal with a Yaskawa robot.

The cooperation is very logical: Yaskawa is one of the largest producers of robots worldwide and CSi is one of the largest global producers of palletising solutions. For CSi, it was very easy to add the Yaskawa robot due to the platform’s unique level of modularisation. 

One of the benefits of the Yaskawa DX200 controller is that the robot is programmed using the same Add-On-Instructions as used in the Rockwell Automation programming environment. Operators and maintenance technicians that are already familiar with the Allen-Bradley PLC can now easily program the work-cell and robot with minimal retraining. This makes integrating the robot systems into an Allen-Bradley standardized production line much easier.

In many situations the high speed of the Yaskawa robot enables greater throughput compared to competitive brands. The CSi i-Pal can be delivered with two different Yaskawa robot models: the MPL80 II and the MPL100 II.  These models differ in reach, payload, range of motion and speed. 

For every situation, CSi will select the best application together with the customer. The configurability of the i-Pal platform is such that a wide range of applications can be generated, produced and installed in an extremely efficient way. This allows CSi to be very competitive on pricing towards the market.

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