Colpac microwaveable soup pots

Colpac offers microwaveable and compostable variations of its soup pots and lids, across a breadth of sizes.

In this edition of the Spotlight, Colpac introduces its range of recyclable microwaveable soup pots.

In the evolving landscape of the food packaging market, which is predicted to return to real growth in 2024, Colpac’s microwaveable soup pots provide simplicity in an increasingly demanding and complex food world. These pots strike a balance between broad functionality, being suitable for chilled and hot food-to-go, and sustainability as they are widely recyclable.

Colpac showcases its recyclable microwaveable souper pots in this short video.

Versatility in preparation and display

Throughout the winter season, consumers seek warming options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and retailers and food service providers need flexible packaging solutions. Colpac’s microwaveable soup pots seamlessly transition between hot serve, microwave regeneration, and heated display. The company also provides assurance that products are food safe through thorough migration testing.

With sizes ranging from 225ml to 900ml, they cater to various portions and food types across different parts of the day. The smaller sizes are ideal for consumers picking up hot porridge with their coffee on their way to work, medium sizes for steaming soups as a quick lunch from a local retailer, and larger sizes for noodle or pasta dishes to collect and reheat at home.

Simplicity in preparation is important for sellers of all sizes, from small quick-service outlets to mass food producers. Ideal for food manufacturing environments, these pots have wide apertures and remain stable on production lines during the filling process, and the lids are quick and easy to fit. Space-efficient nesting also addresses the practical needs of back-of-house operations and makes the most of every inch of transport and storage space.

Consumer choice and experience

Market competition is expanding menus and so packaging functionality requirements are wider than ever before. Alongside this, Colpac understands the importance of giving its customers choice to meet consumer needs. As hot ready-to-eat food delivery has been unlocked as a major category, food providers are seeking reliable packaging that keeps food warm and contained.

The high-quality materials and functional design of Colpac’s microwaveable soup pots elevates the consumer experience. The pots’ leakproof barriers and stability makes them an ideal mess-free meal choice for consumers.

Product visibility and brand representation are two of the most important factors for food on-the-go. Colpac’s souper pots range includes clear PP and PP coated paperboard lids, all of which are recyclable. The tight-fitting lids are equipped with vent holes to reduce condensation, retain heat, and preserve food contents.

Brand visibility and customisation

Partnering with Colpac offers customers the opportunity to develop customised food packaging to make each product stand out on-shelf. Whether in natural kraft to showcase the recyclability of these functional pots, or vibrant white to give customer designs an extra pop, they provide a canvas for brand colours, ingredients, and labelling.

Colpac recyclable noodle pots

Colpac developed a selection of bespoke, recyclable pots with striking print to showcase a vibrant noodle brand.

As consumers increasingly seek convenience and retailers widen their product ranges with a focus on sustainability, Colpac stands at the forefront, offering solutions that tick all the right boxes – practical versatility, recyclability, and ease of use for customers and end consumers.

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