Coveris Rigid has successfully installed two continuous compression moulding lines for cap and closure manufacture in the Ravensburg, Germany plant.

The lines have been fully functional since their installation in February of this year, with the plant currently producing a 38 mm cap and a 38 mm Induction Heat Seal Supertab for UK dairies.

The manufacture of caps and closures at Coveris Rigid was previously carried out solely at the facility in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK, but is now supported and expanded by the Ravensburg lines. The strategic central location of Ravensburg ensures that Coveris Rigid is fully capable of supplying the growing cap and closure market both in the UK and in continental Europe. Already positioned as a reliable business partner, with an excellent track record of supplying the biggest and most demanding companies in the UK Dairy Industry, Coveris Rigid has now gone even further by expanding its manufacturing and delivery capabilities.

The benefits of production of caps and closures at Coveris are clear – through continuous compression moulding, less energy and maintenance is required than in common injection moulded technology, and with 100% camera control, caps are produced without an injection point and with a considerably lower weight.

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