Developed by an award-winning design team to provide aesthetically pleasing, user friendly and compliant package for high-end controlled substances. The patented double lock design, certified under the 16 CFR 1700 guidelines for child resistance, keeps kids safe and brands compliant.

The pack consists of a card-based tray and sleeve (imagine a premium matchstick box) with reinforced end-beams and a clever locking system. When closed, the con­tents are securely locked within the pack, pro­viding a reliable barrier to entry by children.

The contents are accessed by pressing two but­tons on the side of the pack and pushing the tray out of the sleeve. This three-step process creates a cognitive challenge beyond the prob­lem-solving capabilities of young children. But for adults, the simple directions printed on the outside of the box provide enough insight to successfully open the package.

Once learned, the opening experience is a mas­terclass in simple, intuitive interaction and has passed senior trials for easy opening.


The robust locking system is made from a thin polypropylene tab which is diecut to reduce production costs and is inserted into the tray component to form the locking buttons. This piece is easily removed after use and carries all relevant information to aid recycling.

The format can be tailored to suit a wide range of products that fall within the controlled substances category with the added potential for bespoke configurations.