Romaco’s fully integrated Noack Unity 500 blister packaging line will be on show at the upcoming All4Pack exhibition. The Kilian KTP 420X high speed tablet press will underline Romaco’s core competency when it comes to manufacturing and processing solid products for the pharmaceutical industry.

Romaco Noack Unity 500 blister packaging line

Romaco’s new Noack Unity 500 blister packaging line in monobloc design was launched in the market as a fully integrated turnkey solution. The compact design of the primary packaging unit was a top development objective, which saves space in the cleanroom where the open product is processed. The blister packaging machine’s individual stations – such as forming, feeding, sealing, coding, perforating and punching – are installed on a very small footprint for this reason.

The result is a blister technology that is up among the leaders in the mid-performance class in terms of both space use and output, with a remarkable 500 blisters and 150 cartons per minute. The intuitive HMI panel, with its short learning curve, is a further advantage of the user-friendly blister line. The highly automated system concept is self-explanatory and requires no specialist expertise on the part of the machine operator.

Since the Romaco Noack Unity 500 can be equipped with various feeding units, the technology can be used very flexibly. For the first time ever, the blister line will be teamed up at All4Pack with a Combo v2.0 feeder from French supplier Elizabeth Europe. This patented system gives Romaco increased flexibility for feeding pharmaceutical solids in numerous different shapes and sizes.

If required, the blister line can even be configured for packing multi-phase preparations. Equipped with Romaco Noack’s patented QuickFeed feeding system, the Unity 500 speeds up product changes because the complete module can be replaced in a few simple steps. A considerable time saving is thus possible by providing a second unit. The optimal access to all components moreover simplifies cleaning of the blister line. Reproducible format parameters and QuickAdjust, the automatic station control system, simultaneously reduce the run-in times to almost zero. After the primary packaging is done, the finished blisters are passed directly to the intermittent motion cartoner’s bucket chain by means of a vacuum assisted overhead conveyor and QuickTransfer, which works according to the positive transfer principle. Separate servo drives ensure safe operation at the individual stations. In short, the Unity 500 blister packaging line from Romaco Noack offers excellent opportunities for improving overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Romaco Kilian: “cool, fast & clean” tableting technology

With its modern design principles, the KTP 420X rotary press from Romaco Kilian is meanwhile firmly established in the market. “Cool” sums up all measures that keep the temperature in the process area at a constant level below 30°C, which is particularly ideal for processing temperature sensitive medications such as Ibuprofen or Metformin. “Fast” stands for the optimised changeover and cleaning times of the rotary press. With a maximum output of 360,000 tablets per hour, the Kilian KTP 420X can be unequivocally described as a high speed press for pharmaceutical applications. “Clean” refers to the hygienic design, which improves product quality and process reliability.

The strict separation between the compaction, retooling and service areas prevents tablet dust from entering the machine compartment. The patented punch bellows protect the tablets from contamination with lubricants. The excellent OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) and TCO (total cost of ownership) values are key characteristics of Romaco Kilian’s KTP 420X. The integrated HMI terminal featuring swipe navigation inspired by modern smartphones turns operating the rotary press into child’s play.

On show at All4Pack in Paris (France) from November 26 to 29, 2018 (Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, Stand 6 L 022).