Under the theme 'a grip on any challenge', Avery Dennison is launching an Advanced Adhesives portfolio that expands converters’ options with four new adhesive choices - including a clear non-yellowing hotmelt adhesive for chilled food applications; a reclosure adhesive with high solvent resistance for household wipes; a compostable adhesive for fruit and vegetable packaging; and a heat-activated adhesive for automotive textile labelling.

Rene van der Graaff, principal scientist at Avery Dennison, said that the crucial role of adhesives is sometimes underestimated when finding the right label for your application challenge: “Our adhesives offer a whole range of benefits, from productivity improvements through to enhanced shelf appeal. For example, the ‘no label’ look depends critically on an ultra-clear adhesive, and wet-wipes need reliable reclosure performance for very challenging pack contents. Important sustainability gains can also be made with the right adhesives – for example, by using a compostable adhesive that allows your complete package to carry an ‘OK Compost’ logo. We are developing new technologies all the time, which sometimes enhance existing solutions, bring additional functionality or create entirely new ways of doing things.”

A global R&D capability combined with an in-depth understanding of industries worldwide means that Avery Dennison is able to develop adhesives with highly targeted properties. Jasper Zonnenberg, director films at Avery Dennison, said that the primary goal of innovation is to continue to produce leading solutions for our customers: “We invented the self-adhesive label back in 1935, and ever since we have continued to engineer new adhesives that meet any application requirement and customer need. They suit applications across health and personal care, food, pharmaceuticals, wine, beer, beverages and logistics… for applications all the way from deep freeze adhesives to hot metal labelling. This portfolio offers converters improvements in sustainability, productivity and performance. Our advanced adhesives are a winning choice, and we provide comprehensive technical support in choosing the right adhesive for your application.”

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