The Marchesini Group continues to boost the importance of cosmetic packaging machines as part of its market strategies by attending ALL4PACK in Paris, where a stand-alone processing machine and an innovative packaging line for mascara and lip gloss will be presented. 

The line consists of a Diamante stand-alone filling and capping machine, set up for the occasion with some interesting technological novelties, and of a new horizontal labelling machine BL H235 designed especially for the precision needs of the cosmetics market. The constant growing trend of this market in Europe and across the world is thanks to the great demand for Beauty Care products. At ALL4PACK, Marchesini will also be showcasing its turbo-emulsifier TURBO-MEK, designed to prepare the liquid and creamy products used in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, such as emulsions (creams, milks), serums, oils, balms, gels and lotions.

An innovative lip gloss packaging lineThe new key feature of the Diamante unit on show at ALL4PACK is its outstanding level of flexibility, added to the other advantages of the classic model, such as a small footprint and ease-of-access for size change-overs and cleaning.

Another core novelty is a ball insertion unit to place a steel ball inside the container. This solution is used in particular for products such as lip gloss to better mix the solvent and the product before applying on lips.

Among the strongpoints of Diamante is the fact that it can accommodate a large range of new automatic component feeding systems, both mechanical and robotic, even in the “no touch” version. These may include an EP 6100 plate-feeder made by Marchesini, with brushless star-wheel positioning system and, in the cap feeding area, an automatic mechanical positioner by Vibrotech, the specialists in creating automated industrial feeding and positioning systems.

The combination of the “alternating motion” in the filling process and the “continuous motion” used during the capping phase makes it possible to reach high production rates (up to 120 products per minute). Product management is smooth and there is no mechanical strain.    

The model of Diamante exhibited at the trade show is an Ex-Proof version designed to fill products containing solvents, which could generate potentially explosive conditions, which is a rather frequent problem when cosmetic products are involved. The Marchesini Group is indeed well aware of this aspect and always focuses on observing and respecting current laws and regulations. 

To conclude, the rejects container has been left in its vertical position in order to avoid product spillage. 

The end result is an extremely flexible and modular machine to meet individual requirements.

Downstream from Diamante is the BL H235 unit, which was previewed during the last edition of Achema. The BL H235 is equipped with a pitched conveyor belt or bucket conveyor system. The conveyor is used to apply the labels around the body of the container: the products roll around so that the label can be applied. The bucket system on the other hand is used when the labels are not wrapped around the container.The machine has two labelling heads; one for applying the Tamper Evident label around the mascara tube and the other for applying a small round label on the bottom. For the latter, a patented Pick&Place application unit of “Made in Italy” design (Neri Division), ensures perfect centring accuracy even on very small surfaces, with close-to-zero tolerances.

A major novelty is that the machine is ready for robotic integration. The BL H235 unit is indeed designed to fit Pick&Place systems, such as Robocombi, as well as the traditional feeding, handling and outlet units normally installed. Focus is placed on the best possible integration with all the other machines of Marchesini.