Parx Materials and Zincln have collaborated on a new anti-germ food tray that uses recycled ocean plastic waste, giving new life to ropes and cages used in the fishing industry.

According to Parx, integrated within the tray is a trace element that is vital for the human body's immune system, reportedly keeping the surface hygienic without adhesion and proliferation of these germs.

Parx claims that third-party testing of the product following international protocols has shown that it typically harbors 99.9% fewer germs when compared with alternatives.

The Norwegian company ZincIn AS will present and distribute both existing and newly developed products containing Parx's unique technology. Kjetil Christoffersen, founder of ZincIn, comments: “Working with the Parx Materials antimicrobial technology sparked a whole new array of possibilities that can bring benefits and advantages to our lives.

“Combining it with the NOPREC recycled material that has served our food chain already before and now once again, seemed a logical step.”

Zincln claims that its first customer has already signed-up, purchasing over 10,000 units.