2019 will be a crucial year for industries involved the packaging and waste management value chain. Introduced last year, the amended form of the EU’s Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive sets a target for obliged industries of ensuring that 65% of packaging waste is recycled by the year 2025, and 70% by 2030.

Reaching these targets will be complicated by inconsistencies in the way that member states track, measure and report the proportion of recycled waste, as well as by questions over the efficacy of deposit return schemes and the apportioning of incentives.

Another challenge comes in the form of the Single-Use Plastics Ban, confirmed in December last year. With the date for compliance set at 2021, the European Union will be the first of the world’s major economic blocs to eliminate the distribution of single-use plastics.

This also means that European industries will have to take the lead on solving some of the problems a ban might involve, including pioneering the use of suitable alternatives, and finding ways to prompt changes in consumer behaviour.

Taking place in Brussels this April, the Packaging Waste & Sustainability Forum brings policy makers, manufacturers, recycling professionals and associations together to navigate a sustainable path towards meeting the targets set by the EU and the member states.

It provides an indispensable venue for obliged industries to discuss solutions, gain contacts and develop cost-effective approaches to minimising the proportion of unrecoverable waste.

The EPR Toolkit seminar:

A hands-on seminar addressing the implementation of the new EPR legislation across Europe.

Focus on the member states:

UK: Discuss the impact of Brexit on the packaging waste value chain, as well as the deposit return scheme for disposable beverage containers due in 2023.

Germany: What were the successes and the drawbacks of the German Packaging Act established on January 1st?

Confirmed speakers include:

Bettina Lorz, Senior Expert, DG Environment, European Commission

Philippe Diercxsens, Packaging & Environment Manager, Danone Waters

Simone Francis Webb, Government Relations and Public Policy, Procter & Gamble

Isabel Sloman, Senior Policy Advisor, Environmental Quality Directorate, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs UK (DEFRA)

Matthias Klein, Resource Productivity in Waste Management, Recovery of Recyclables -Federal Ministry for the Environment

Gwendoline Riou, EU Public Affairs and Communications Manager, EUROPEN

Gloria Gabellini, Public Policy, Government Affairs and Communications Manager EU, PepsiCo

Juan Manuel Banez Romero, Public Affairs Manager Europe, Mars

Axel Darut, EU affairs and Data advisor, CITEO France

Delphine Lévi Alvarès, European coordinator, Rethink Plastic Alliance

Paul Christiaens, Senior Business Analyst/ International Relations Manager, Packaging Waste Fund Netherlands

Joachim Quoden, Managing Director, EXPRA