ACG Pharmapack, part of ACG Worldwide, and a market leader in manufacturing a wide range of barrier-packaging films for the pharmaceutical, medical-device, personal care and food packaging sectors, has recently been recognized as a “Certified Supplier” based on a stringent SQMP rating from United Laboratories (Unilab). 

Unilab is the biggest pharmaceutical company in Philippines having a major market share of the Philippines market. ACG Pharmapack has been a key supplier of Aclar laminates to Unilab since 2015.

Unilab has a unique practice of rating their suppliers on various parameters which relate to product delivery, lead time, product quality, price and service response. This system is called SQMP - Supplier Quality Management Program. ACG Pharmapack has received a 100% rating on SQMP and is now qualified as a “Certified Supplier”, which is several levels higher to being a “Preferred Supplier”

Commenting on this milestone, ACG Pharmapack CEO S R Shivshankar said, “This is a proud moment for the company. We consistently endeavor to deliver excellence in all that we do, be it our products, our services, our delivery or our price. It is a big honor for ACG Pharmapack to be recognized by Unilab for its efforts. We strongly believe that vendor ratings are an integral way to raise the bar internally and constantly strive to offer value to all our customers.” 

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