With the innovative Dymond D side shooter and a new edition of the Dymond S, Minebea Intec is now offering a modernised portfolio of premium products for horizontal X-ray inspection. Read more

Dr. Ulrich Nehring, a food technologist and former head of Nehring Institute explores challenges and solutions when it comes to packing sensitive baby food. Read more

A&R Carton has presented its new sizes of the composite can Boardio® with an optimised fibre content of 90%. Read more

Spreafico Automation, has established a partnership with the Dipartimento di Scienze per gli Alimenti, la Nutrizione e l’Ambiente of Università degli Studi di Milano for the study of the properties of self-protected capsules Read more

The stand-up pouch market has rocketed – prominently within the food sector, where the packaging type holds a number of stand-out properties addressing issues such as food waste. Read more

Proseal has launched a  seal quality testing system that enables food manufacturers and processors to determine the ideal seal and peel strength for individual products. Read more

Scientific studies have shown that light of any kind – whether in the supermarket, refrigerator, kitchen, or through a window – can cause food, beverages, and cosmetic products to degrade faster – often before they meet the expiration date. Read more

Tolarus is set to launch its NutriLabel software at Pro2Pac 2019. Designed to 'make food labelling better and safer', NutriLabel includes automatic allergen detection which helps companies adhere to food industry regulations. Read more

In December last year, Nestlé announced the creation of a new Institute of Packaging Sciences, which it says will be dedicated to the discovery and development of functional, safe and environmentally friendly packaging. Read more

Resino Trykfarver and KPG Europe have combined their expertise to launch a digital system for printing artificial food casings in both full colour and white. Read more

Colpac has launched its ‘Let’s Do Lunch’ range of 100% recyclable paperboard platters as a direct response to demands from caterers and retailers looking for alternatives to single-use plastics. Read more

Packaging Europe is delighted to announce its partnership with FachPack 2019 to host the fifth annual Sustainability Awards in Nürnberg, Germany on 25 September 2019. Read more

IFFA is opening its doors to the meat industry on 4-9 May 2019 and will feature exhibitors specialising in inspection such as Eagle Product Inspection, Ishida Europe and Fortress Technology Europe. Read more

Bosch Packaging Technology has launched the first machine of its next generation of flow wrappers on the European and Asian markets – the Pack 403. Read more

Tetra Pak has launched the Tetra Classic Aseptic 65ml Cube package, offering an efficient packaging solution for dairy, juice and liquid food. Read more

KP Snacks is launching a nationwide recycling scheme for nuts, popcorn, crisps and pretzels packets. Working with recyclers, TerraCycle, the scheme will give people the chance to set up collection points around the UK. Read more

Klöckner Pentaplast launches its latest food-to-go packaging range called Jewel™. Read more

Nestlé has announced the launch of a new Nesquik All Natural powder in a recyclable paper pouch, and featuring a simplified ingredients list. Read more

AR Packaging has presented a gas tight pressed board tray packaging for chilled foods as a replacement of plastic trays, which the company says is the first on the market and offers an efficient solution well suited for giving a shelf life of at leas Read more

Hardly a day passes by without the topic of sustainability being discussed in the media. As a result, consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with sustainability issues whilst expecting their brands to keep up with their changing attitudes. Read more

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