Tuesday 25th October 2022

The presentation rooms will be in the West Building Level 1 – W178A & W178B. Please click here to view the floorplan.

09:45AM (15 minutes)

Eef de Ferrante
Tim Sykes

Opening/Welcome to Smart Packaging as a Marketing Tool

Speaker: Eef de Ferrante | Executive Director, AIPIA

Speaker: Tim Sykes | Brand Director, Packaging Europe

Room: W178A

Opening and welcome. Eef de Ferrante / AIPIA and Tim Sykes are welcoming you to the AIPIA Smart Packaging Summit.

10.00AM (15 minutes)

Anita Etrati

Reinventing Packaging

★ Key Note ★ Speaker: Anita Etrati | Strategy & Consulting Senior Manager Industry X, Accenture

Room: W178A

Why smart, connected packaging offers breakthrough value, because next-gen packaging is helping drive 360° value. In this session, you will find out how a convergence of smart and connected technologies is transforming humble packaging into a new source of real value.

10.20AM (15 minutes)

Angela Morgan

Overview: Global Food Waste and the Role of Technology

Speaker: Angela Morgan | Director of Business Development, APTAR

Room: W178A

Over 30% of food is wasted globally each year. This number is even more striking when you consider the large number of hungry people in the world. Additionally, global food waste has an enormous environmental impact as it is a huge source of greenhouse gas emissions and wasted natural resources. Packaging has always been a help in reducing food waste and now active and intelligent packaging technologies are offering new options to reduce food waste. Join this presentation to explore how some of the latest innovations in packaging technologies can mitigate this global problem.

10.40AM (15 minutes)

Amber Walls

The Era of 2D Barcodes

★ Key Note ★ Speaker: Amber Walls | Senior Director, Global Standards, GS1 US

Room: W178A

No matter what the product is or where it is sold, there is a need to have better data available more places. With limited packaging space and the requirement for seamless B2B and B2C interactions, industry users have determined that 2D barcodes are what will extend the product packaging online for enriched consumer experiences using GS1 Digital Link - right along with supporting business priorities around recall readiness, inventory management, product freshness, and more. This session will provide details on business drivers, system capabilities, and how use of standards is enabling data-driven use cases around the world while acting as a launch pad for innovation.

11.15AM (15 minutes)

Adhithi Aji

Driving Consumer Engagement and Incremental Purchases

Speaker: Adhithi Aji | Founder & President, Adrich

Room: W178B

Smart, connected packaging enabled by Internet of Things and AI is now allowing packaging to go beyond its traditional role it used to play. In the new era where packaging is livestreaming usage data from consumer’s homes, brands are utilizing packaging as a mechanism to obtain deeper consumer insights, engage consumers at point-of-use, and drive more loyalty and repeat purchases. We will discuss how smart packaging initiatives have helped brands achieve tangible business results using case studies from our clients worldwide.

● Different smart packaging formats for speed-to-market including peel & stick labels
● Using real-time consumer insights to change consumer behavior
● The consumer perspective and the adoption curve
● Combining sustainability and convenience with smart packaging
● Justifying the ROI of smart packaging across different categories

Jon Anderson

Connecting Possibility: Reach 100% of Your Customers

Speaker: Jon Anderson | Director of Revenue Operations, Blue Bite

Room: W178A

Learn how to finally reach the right consumer with the right message at the right time. Connected packaging unlocks product content that can't be printed on the package, creating a completely new channel transforming how brands connect with customers and get product data. This two-way, brand-managed channel serves as a digital platform that delivers personalized mobile information and experiences directly to consumers via the package.

11.35AM (15 minutes)

Jeevan Toprani

Smart Fabrics used for Packaging Industry
with SKII Techology

Speaker: Jeevan Toprani | Director, KT Canada CORP

Room: W178A

Nano technology used to find the condition of the packed food based on our AI platform.

Yoav Levy
Natasha Tahilramani

Freshness Sensors in the Market - Real Life Use Cases

Speaker: Yoav Levy | CEO, Evigence Sensors

Speaker: Natasha Tahilramani | Head of Quality Safety & Sustainability, Marley Spoon

Room: W178B

Shelf-life solutions and food waste.

11.55AM (15 minutes)

Chris Braine

Ultra Personalization and Smart Packaging

Speaker: Chris Braine | CEO & Founder, Cellr Pty Ltd

Room: W178A

Global Beverage producers want to connect with customers using smart packaging, but often don't know where to start. Authentic, direct-to-consumer marketing and brand protection are two of the world's biggest focus points, and Cellr is leading the charge in both categories. Hear from the Founder & CEO of Cellr as he takes you through some of their global case studies and consumer experience solutions.

David McCloskey

Leveraging Connected Packaging for Consumer Insights

Speaker: David McCloskey | President, Authentic Labs

Room: W178B

A whopping 68% of US shoppers use their phones to research products while in physical stores and 94% have scanned a QR code during the last year. This presentation will show you how to engage with these consumers (as well as those who bought online) to tell your story, answer questions and build their trust while creating transformational data streams that can influence future product development and marketing.

12:15PM (15 minutes)

John DiPalo

Use Packaging to Control Returnable Assets in the Supply Chain

Speaker: John DiPalo | Chief Strategy Officer, Acsis, Inc.

Room: W178B

The benefits of using returnable assets in your supply chain.

Maurizio Carano

Redefining Efficiency, Connectivity, and Sustainability
in Packaging to Address Labor Shortages, Food Waste,
and Responsible Use of Resources

Speaker: Maurizio Carano | Director, Product Marketing & Management Solutions, WestRock

Room: W178A

Labor scarcity, value leakage within the supply chain, and the increasing need for responsible use of materials and energy are constraints across all industries. Sustainability means not only the optimization of materials, but also the minimization of ruined products, reduction of product re-packing, and a decrease of unnecessary steps in the value chain.

The ability to create digitalized secondary packaging in-line combines the benefits of on-demand-batch connectivity with full traceability of the units throughout the value chain with all the related benefits for producers and retailers. Brands and co-packers can optimize operations and supply chain further while reducing their carbon footprint with recyclable fiber packaging to meet today's challenges and deliver a more efficient, connected, and integrated supply chain.

12.30PM (1 hour)

Lunch Break

13:30PM (15 minutes)

Eric Ferguson

Product Digitization, Disrupting the Way Brands and Consumers Connect

★ Key Note ★ Speaker: Eric Ferguson | Senior Account Executive, Digimarc

Room: W178A

Brands and retailers that embrace product digitization – and this new, rich source for first-party data – are set to lead in 2023. Billions of products are quite literally being ‘born digital’ with a digital identity, providing consumer product companies and retailers with real-time data intelligence and end-to-end supply chain visibility while delivering full transparency and contextualized digital experiences to consumers.

Historically, the aggregation and sharing of product data between brands, retailers, and consumers hasn’t been quick, easy, or cost-effective – especially at scale. By embracing product digitization – turning each product item into a data-generating asset – brands are creating new value and leading with business strategies influenced by real-time data.

During this session, our speaker will:
● Explore the critical industry disruptors changing the trajectory of the CPG industry
– making truly connected packaging a reality.
● Take us inside the brands successfully embracing this transformative time to reclaim market leadership.

We are on the verge of a world in which products no longer sit idle on the shelf but rather buzz with life, smart with data.

13:50PM (15 minutes)

Steve Tallant

Connected Packaging from Manufacturing
to Consumers Hands

★ Key Note ★ Speaker: Steve Tallant | Director of Solutions Marketing, Systech

Room: W178B

Individual identities can enable the connected product. Connected Products enable a connected supply chain. What is a connected supply chain? Hear about specific examples where Systech has helped Fortune 500 companies create transparency across their supply chains. Allowing them to:

● Be more agile in supply chain planning and behaviors
● Optimize processes
● Mitigate risk
● Meet regulations
● Protect customers

14:15PM (15 minutes)

Leigh Dow

Smart Packaging as a Marketing Tool

Speaker: Leigh Dow | VP, Global Marketing, Identiv

Room: W178A

Learn how Identiv enabled authentication and a connected brand experience with the limited edition US NHL (National Hockey League) Nashville Predators jersey commemorating the retirement of legendary goaltender No. 35, Pekka Rinne. The jerseys contain an embedded near-field communication (NFC) tag designed for a long-term marketing relationship with fans who can scan the tag and register to unlock exclusive content and offers. The tags verify jersey authenticity (anti counterfeit) and also enable an engaging experience for fans via the IoT, allowing them to digitally interact with the team.

Werner Horn

Opportunities and Impacts of Digitalization on
Packaging Security

Speaker: Werner Horn | CEO, Securikett

Room: W178B

Digitalization is establishing itself in the packaging industry with immense speed. The digital transformation is creating a wealth of new, previously unimaginable innovative applications. It is forcing suppliers in the packaging industry to make a far-reaching decision as to whether or not to extend their business into the digital realm.

It is not just about adding another technology to the portfolio. It’s about offering customers added value through a bundled core competence in physical and digital offerings as well as expert support in integrating such systems into their existing business environment.

15:00PM (20 minutes)

Guido Schmitz

Is Our Future Green or Not At All? How Can Smart Technology Help Us Achieve a Greener Planet?

★ Key Note ★ Speaker: Guido Schmitz | Founder, InnCreReal, LLC • General Manager, PAPACKS US

Room: W178B

Sustainability, going green, and eco-friendly, are some of the buzzwords that are part of our culture today. However, is making a material change enough for our planet? Linear economy has always been our way of thinking but we must adapt to a new way of thinking that is where circular economy comes in. By having a holistic view from raw materials to post-consumer use and waste recollection; we can plan for a future that genuinely embodies bringing the packaging from nature and back to nature. Smart technology has brought many advantages to our culture from the iPhone to new computer processors. This has had unintended consequences in our daily life. By leveraging it to help us optimize our current recycling and sorting practices; will this be the answer that we need to achieve a greener future?

14:40 PM (20 minutes)

Michael Sher

Getting Started in Smart Packaging Unlocks Exciting Data for the Enterprise

★ Key Note ★ Speaker: Michael Sher | CEO, TAPWOW

Room: W178B

Smart markers on products are the key to unlocking a trove of data that will change the supply chain and the consumer experience forever. From the addition of a single non-serialized code to a product to a completely serialized supply chain implementation, smart packaging offers the chance to generate more data about your supply chain and your customer that can be used to improve all aspects of your business from marketing to product safety.This presentation looks at the data generated from smart packaging and explores the current possibilities as well as an exciting future featuring sensors and active packaging.