Leigh Dow

VP, Global Marketing, Identiv

Leigh Dow’s mission is to deliver transformational marketing for brands navigating strategic inflection points to drive customer acquisition and generate revenue. She’s a change agent focused on what’s next, seeking out new ideas, and leading efforts to accelerate growth, build new business and increase brand value. Throughout her Fortune 100 career, she’s built a reputation as an information architect known for her nonlinear approach using critical thinking, intuition, and experimentation to deliver a more imaginative solution to a problem.

About the Session


Smart Packaging as a Marketing Tool

Tues 25 Oct, 14:15 PM – 14:30 PM   (15 Mins)

Learn how Identiv enabled authentication and a connected brand experience with the limited edition US NHL (National Hockey League) Nashville Predators jersey commemorating the retirement of legendary goaltender No. 35, Pekka Rinne. The jerseys contain an embedded near-field communication (NFC) tag designed for a long-term marketing relationship with fans who can scan the tag and register to unlock exclusive content and offers. The tags verify jersey authenticity (anti counterfeit) and also enable an engaging experience for fans via the IoT, allowing them to digitally interact with the team.