Amber Walls

Senior Director, Global Standards, GS1 US

At GS1 US, Amber Walls collaborates with stakeholders from all sectors around the world to understand business needs, drive standards development, and create collateral and training material to support the streamlined implementation of standards-based solutions. Currently, her focus is on all things barcodes, identification, party and location use cases, and finding the right combination of standards and technology to move business forward. Prior to joining the GS1 community, Amber began her career in promotion set-up, point-of-sale integration, and data analytics.

About the Session


The Era of 2D Barcodes

Tues 15 Oct, 10:40 AM – 10:55 AM   (15 Mins)
★  Key Note Speaker 

No matter what the product is or where it is sold, there is a need to have better data available more places. With limited packaging space and the requirement for seamless B2B and B2C interactions, industry users have determined that 2D barcodes are what will extend the product packaging online for enriched consumer experiences using GS1 Digital Link - right along with supporting business priorities around recall readiness, inventory management, product freshness, and more. This session will provide details on business drivers, system capabilities, and how use of standards is enabling data-driven use cases around the world while acting as a launch pad for innovation.