Guido Schmitz

Founder, InnCreReal, LLCGeneral Manager, PAPACKS US

Guido Schmitz has over 40 year’s international experience in the consumer healthcare industry specializing in packaging, branding, design, and process technology innovation. Developed several new technologies for different Bayer Consumer Health production sites and new products.

Since 2008 member at the Rutgers Advisory Board for packaging of education. Since 2012 board member at the AIPIA (Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association). 2016 Start teaching at the Rutgers University, Product Design on Packaging Innovation. (Agile-Professor for Product Design in the Fall and in the Spring mentoring packaging Senior Projects).

About the Session


Is Our Future Green or Not At All? How Can Smart Technology Help Us Achieve a Greener Planet?

Tues 25 Oct, 15:00 PM – 15:20 PM (20 Mins)
★  Key Note Speaker ★

Sustainability, going green, and eco-friendly, are some of the buzzwords that are part of our culture today. However, is making a material change enough for our planet? Linear economy has always been our way of thinking but we must adapt to a new way of thinking that is where circular economy comes in. By having a holistic view from raw materials to post-consumer use and waste recollection; we can plan for a future that genuinely embodies bringing the packaging from nature and back to nature. Smart technology has brought many advantages to our culture from the iPhone to new computer processors. This has had unintended consequences in our daily life. By leveraging it to help us optimize our current recycling and sorting practices; will this be the answer that we need to achieve a greener future?