Michael Sher


Michael has worked in the Smart Packaging space for over 7 years with successful implementations for both larger and small companies in a variety of verticals. With 30 years of experience in both large companies and startups, Michael is an NFC evangelist dedicated to developing value derived from on product activators and supply chain Insights. Before founding Tapwow, Michael held senior sales and management positions for Thinfilm, HP, IBM and many entrepreneurial ventures.

About the Session


Getting Started in Smart Packaging Unlocks Exciting Data for the Enterprise

Tues 25 Oct, 14:40 PM – 15:00 PM (20 Mins)
★  Key Note Speaker ★

Smart markers on products are the key to unlocking a trove of data that will change the supply chain and the consumer experience forever. From the addition of a single non-serialized code to a product to a completely serialized supply chain implementation, smart packaging offers the chance to generate more data about your supply chain and your customer that can be used to improve all aspects of your business from marketing to product safety.This presentation looks at the data generated from smart packaging and explores the current possibilities as well as an exciting future featuring sensors and active packaging.