Jeevan Toprani-new

Director, KT Canada CORP
Jeevan excels in developing digital packaging solutions with concentration on remote monitoring, drug adherence, and connected point of care / diagnostics devices. As a key leader of IoT practice at RMI, he follows his passion in digital, including:
IoMT & FHIR/HIPAA compliant cloud technologies
Product development/implementation teams focused on bar coding, material management with biodegradable options, supply chain with just in time and delivery accuracy
Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning with BYOD

Key Achievements
•  Innovate the implementation of manufacturing plants with renewable energy/harvested water with automation/AIML to benefit the victim of the calamity of floods/storm and other climate condition
•  Partner closely with authorities on enforcement to effectively/successfully deliver on relevant alignment enhancement
•  Research and Development with smart fabric(SKIIN) and smart shelters with the renewables energy and natural source for food and water- Unite cross LOB teams with focus on project success

Consolidation of Unique Financial operations:
Project managed and successfully tested various applications for digital currency issuance and acquiring platform
•  Extensive hands on experience on eCRM packaging applications relating to integration with cloud
•  Hands on experience on various cloud based applications and technologies used in Digital Card

Specialties: Relationship builder with the clients and complex organizations
Cloud road-maps and implementations for the healthcare/pharma industry
•  Cognitive behavioral therapy for enabling healthcare technologies
•  Innovative healthcare monitoring wearable devices with IOS, Android and Windows

Working on Worlds First Block Chain Digital Twin Project and also shared smart manufacturing using 3d Print and Blockchain best practices.

About the Session


Smart Fabrics used for Packaging Industry with SKII Techology

Tues 25 Oct, 11:35 AM – 11:50 AM   (15 Mins)

Nano technology used to find the condition of the packed food based on our AI platform.