Eric Ferguson

Account Director, Consumer Products, Digimarc

Eric is a packaging professional with over 20 years of experience in consumer goods packaging. Currently, he leads a team at Digimarc focused on bringing product digitization and innovative smart packaging to the consumer goods industry. Brands can now engage directly with consumers through their products to deliver greater transparency and personalized experiences.

Direct-to-consumer interactions also allow brands to pinpoint the location of fakes and diverted goods and reveal recycling and supply chain insights. Eric is passionate about helping the industry see everything about a product's lifecycle journey. He graduated from Clemson University and lives with his wife and son in Atlanta.

About the Session


Product Digitization, Disrupting the Way Brands and Consumers Connect

Tues 25 Oct, 13:30 PM – 13:45 PM (15 Mins)
★  Key Note Speaker 

Brands and retailers that embrace product digitization – and this new, rich source for first-party data – are set to lead in 2023.

Billions of products are quite literally being ‘born digital’ with a digital identity, providing consumer product companies and retailers with real-time data intelligence and end-to-end supply chain visibility while delivering full transparency and contextualized digital experiences to consumers.

Historically, the aggregation and sharing of product data between brands, retailers, and consumers hasn’t been quick, easy, or cost-effective – especially at scale. By embracing product digitization – turning each product item into a data-generating asset – brands are creating new value and leading with business strategies influenced by real-time data.

During this session, our speaker will:
● Explore the critical industry disruptors changing the trajectory of the CPG industry – making truly connected packaging a reality.
● Take us inside the brands successfully embracing this transformative time to reclaim market leadership.

We are on the verge of a world in which products no longer sit idle on the shelf but rather buzz with life, smart with data.