Kao Collins has announced the launch of Sigma, a solvent ink for HP 45si thermal inkjet technology.

Arguing that a short decap for solvent inks on the market wastes time and money, they have set out to reduce the wiping and purging of nozzles, which slows production.

Sigma claims to achieve fast curing without external heat sources and reportedly increases decap to at least four times that of other inks on the market. The aggressive solvent dries quickly on plastics – Kao Collins argues that this sets their new product apart.

Kristin Adams, Marketing Manager for Kao Collins said, “We saw how many solvent ink users struggled with the short decap. This ink changes everything and sets Kao Collins apart with Sigma.”

Lab testing also purportedly confirms a shelf life for individual cartridges of at least 12 months. With further testing, chemists at Kao Collins predict results showing an even longer shelf life.

In terms of practical uses, Sigma can be used in the mailing and addressing industries along with packaging converters. The ink adheres to more substrates, including films such as BOPP, PE, PET and PP, foils, a variety of label materials, some metals, and other non-porous materials.