Dutch handling specialist Lan Handling Technologies is proud to present its system integration technology for robotic systems to an ever-increasing global audience. Emma-Jane Batey spoke to managing director Kees van de Wiel to learn more.

Located in the Netherlands, Lan Handling Technologies specialises in the design, construction, assembly and installation of handling systems. Following the merger of two respected Dutch companies (LAN Handling Systems in Tilburg and Abar Automation in Halfweg), the system integrator for robotic systems is part of the Hydratec Industries group. 

Lan Handling Technologies offers customised, turnkey handling solutions that are based on standardised concepts, with its focus on the food, pharmaceutical and hatchery industries worldwide. Managing director Kees van de Wiel told Packaging Europe, “We have three key areas of operation; sterilised packaged product handling, end of line automation and hatchery automation. In all of these areas, we create specialised solutions for each customer using our expertise and established standard solutions as a base. We pay great attention to our customers businesses in order to completely understand the specific solution they require and to ensure that what we make perfectly meets their needs.”

Broad experience

Since 1970, the sterilised product handling solutions offered by Lan Handling Technologies have answered the particular issues of the industries requiring sterilisation. Mr Van de Wiel explained, “We have specialised in systems for the handling of packaged products in sterilisation processes for over four decades. Some of the machines we have built in those first years are still in action today. Our expertise is not limited to a specific type of product packaging. We have experience in building machines for any type of product packaging found in the food and pharmaceutical industries. We closely follow market trends to anticipate new developments and have the most suitable technologies available. We are proud to be the industry leader in robotic pouch handling and work with many of the leading FMCG brands.”

Within the sterilised product handling field, Lan offers a range of techniques and solutions, including robot handling, conventional handling, transport & shuttle, system software, track & trace and product packaging. The company also offers suitable support across these services. Mr Van de Wiel noted, “Over the years of working with many leading brands, their high expectations have positively influenced our levels of craftsmanship and the high standards to which we develop our handling solutions today.”

In end of line automation, the Lan offer sees the design and construction of solutions for the food processing and packing industry. The company has proven solutions for a range of applications, including the automation of bagged or netted products, heat sealed stretch-wrapped or flow-wrapped trays as well as the automation of ‘naked’ products such as meat or fish. Mr Van de Wiel added, “We supply modular equipment in the form of case packers, crate de-stackers and bale arm folders. Customers know they can ask us for complete integrated automation solutions as we use our own equipment and work together with suitable suppliers to deliver a total package.”

Tailored solutions

The hatchery automation solutions on offer from Lan include both chick counting systems and setter trolley loaders. Working in partnership with its sister company Pas Reform, a well known market leader in integrated incubation, climate control and hatchery automation solutions, it has developed a complete range of automated solutions that have been designed to meet the specific demands of this dynamic and growing sector. Mr Van de Wiel said, “Our solutions are built to last, easy to clean and only require minimal maintenance, as well as being fully integrated with our automated data management software to further optimise hatchability and process planning, monitoring and control.”

Interpack excitement

This year marks an important development for Lan Handling Technologies as it is the first time the company will be participating at Interpack. Mr Van de Wiel told Packaging Europe why and how it has chosen this show. He said, “Interpack is a massive show, with an awful lot of international visitors, so it is the perfect opportunity for us to present ourselves and our automation handling solutions. We are big and an established company in the field of handling solutions with a well-respected loyal customer base. That will be our main message at Interpack. We expect to meet with end users, potential customers and our partners – we’re certainly looking forward to speaking with people we can have a synergy with. It’s also going to be a great opportunity to meet with potential employees; we have a wonderful workforce of highly experienced engineers and we’re expanding.”

Interpack is also an opportunity for Lan to present its various robotic solutions, as well as details on its new Dutch facilities that are set to open in November 2018. Mr Van de Wiel concluded, “Working with us is hassle free, and Interpack will provide a new way for us to share this smart way of working with a wider audience. We take care of everything and we go for it! We focus on turnkey solutions; the total cost of ownership with Lan is exceptional.”