Thanks to the use of innovative shaped contour cutting, it is now actually economical to produce shaped contour packs in small batches on thermoforming packaging machines. At Anuga FoodTec 2018 MULTIVAC will be presenting the new cutting system on a compact R 145 thermoforming packaging machine, which also offers other options for efficient thermoforming packaging in addition to this innovative cutting system.

The novel BAS 20 shaped contour cutter is characterised by its very compact construction, and it is therefore suitable for use on all thermoforming packaging machines, even the R1xx series. The BAS 20 therefore allows even small businesses and companies to produce shaped contour packs very efficiently. Thanks to short set-up times, it offers a high degree of flexibility as regards the pack design, the format to be produced and the packaging materials used. The BAS 20 can be designed to cut without trim waste, and this therefore contributes hugely to reduced consumption of packaging materials and to lower pack costs.

At the trade fair MULTIVAC will be showing the BAS 20 on the compact R 145 thermoforming packaging machine, which offers a range of new equipment options designed to contribute to a higher level of efficiency within the packaging procedure and to greater pack quality. These include a significant increase in the cut-off length of the forming die, as well as the possibility of equipping the machine with an additional preheating station, which enables the output of the machine to be doubled. The machine can also be equipped with different forming systems, which contribute to an increase in the cycle output.

If explosive forming with its rapid pressure build-up and greater volume flow is used, the film is distributed faster and more evenly in the thermoforming die than with a standard forming system. It also means that up to 15 percent thinner films can be run without compromising pack quality. Other additional benefits, such as for example better barrier properties against external influences on the pack, can be achieved by using a forming system with plug assist.

In addition to this, the R 145 has an innovative drawer system for the forming and sealing dies. Since the die bottom section can also be pulled out from the side of the machine, it is possible to gain access easily and ergonomically. A format change can therefore be performed more reliably and above all significantly more quickly than with manual handling of the dies. Drawer systems enable a time saving of more than 60 percent per format change to be achieved.

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