Danny Hacohen

VP Business Development, Evigence Sensors

Danny is a Hi Tech veteran with experience working for multinational companies (public and privately held), in addition to providing Business Development roles to various startups. He comes to Evigence with a deep understanding of a large number of market segments including Home Security & Intrusion, Precision agriculture, Foodtech, Semiconductor, Automotive/Energy, Pharma, IoT, Production Line Quality Assurance. Danny also has vast expertise in escorting and mentoring entrepreneurs and cutting edge innovative technology startups, assisting them in developing their Vision, Strategy & Go-to-Market Plans along with Marketing Functions and Sales Operations.

About the Session


Freshness Sensors in the Market - Real-Life Use Cases

Mon 14 Nov, 12:10 PM – 12:40 PM (30 Mins) • Presentation Area II

The Future Of Food Is Fresh, Yet We Don’t Have A Good Way To Measure And Monitor Freshness, we wish to revolutionize The Way People View Freshness On Trillions Of Perishable Products Globally, Optimizing The Use Of Products, Reducing Total Food Cost To Consumers, Reducing Food Waste, And Helping The Environment.Evigence Sensors is a freshness monitoring company, measuring freshness objectively, enabling shelf life extension, leading to waste reduction, Improving consumer perception of freshness, Simplifying store inventory management, Evigence Sensors will present 2 use cases showing the above challenges and solution.