Corne Rentrop

Project Leader, TNO

Corne Rentrop (MsC.) works at the TNO Holst Centre in the hybrid printed electronics group as senior research scientist and project-manager for “pilot-line projects” and “sustainable electronics”. In his function Corne is active in project development (Bilateral and Public Funded) and monitoring the scientific progress. Corne is a Chemical engineer in polymer science, coatings and inks at the Technical University of Eindhoven. In his current function Corne is involved in the transformation of electronics to a wider public including sustainability developments, through various platforms such as the OE-a workgroup „hybrid printed electronics“.

About the Session


Hybrid Printed Electronics - Creating Value with Sustainable Electronics

Mon 14 Nov, 15:15 PM – 15:45 PM (30 Mins) • Presentation Area I/Main Stage

Printed electronics is seen as a key enabling technology for Smart packaging. The (printed) sensor functions, long range communication and optimized logistics can be used to determine environmental conditions of a single package. However, this will only be brought to industry if the package can be produced and used in a sustainable matter. The talk discuss properties, hurdles and solutions for sustainable electronics available at the Holst Centre.