Adhithi Aji

Founder & President, Adrich

Adhithi Aji has a background in product management and R&D in automotive and telecom industries where she was instrumental in commercializing cutting-edge research technologies. She took her passion for technology and founded Adrich that offers an IoT and AI-enabled smart sensing platform that helps CPG brands and retailers worldwide instantly convert any consumables into a connected product that captures real-time product usage data and enables 2-way conversations with consumers. Adhithi holds an MBA specializing in supply chain management and a Masters in Innovation Management from Carnegie Mellon University, where Adrich started as a research project.

About the Session


A New Era of Smart, Connected Packaging: Driving Consumer Engagement and Incremental Purchases

Tues 15 Nov, 14:20 PM – 14:50 PM (30 Mins) • Presentation Area II

Smart, connected packaging enabled by Internet of Things and AI is now allowing packaging to go beyond its traditional role it used to play.

In the new era where packaging is livestreaming usage data from consumer’s homes, brands are utilizing packaging as a mechanism to obtain deeper consumer insights, engage consumers at point-of-use, and drive more loyalty and repeat purchases.