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About Sealed Air


Sealed Air is in business to protect, to solve critical packaging challenges, and to leave our world better than we found it. Our solutions and systems include CRYOVAC® brand food packaging, SEALED AIR® brand protective packaging, AUTOBAG® brand automated systems and BUBBLE WRAP® brand packaging. These brands collectively enable a more efficient, secure and less wasteful global food supply chain and enhance commerce through fulfillment and packaging solutions to protect the worldwide movement of goods.

Whether it’s for food, apparel, electronics, or home goods — prismiq™ has the power to take your brand to a new level. Leverage digital printing, smart packaging, custom design, or any combination of our services to create a truly connected package. Grow efficiencies in your supply chain through new technologies and turn your customers into loyalists with compelling brand experiences.


Our Products



Deliver More Value with Digital Packaging
Many brands are quickly learning that smart packaging, also referred to as Digital Packaging, is an excellent vehicle for connecting with consumers. More food products are ordered online now than ever before. The COVID-era made online ordering and hands-free delivery a necessity, but now they’re lifestyle preferences. Consumers anticipate the arrival of every delivery and look forward to them. Even the act of opening a package has become a form of entertainment, with an opportunity to delight customers through every aspect.

This is more than a trend. It’s an evolution. Mobile technology is now interwoven into everyone’s lives. As more consumers turn to their phones and laptops, smart packaging has greater opportunities to link with consumers. These interactions provide valuable data companies need to gain market share. 

Smart Packaging provides:
• a way for companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors
• an opportunity for brands to deliver content to consumers in their preferred digital format
• more flexibility and personalization
• added product tracking and security


Connect Your Value Chain
Through distinctive codes or IDs, smart packaging enables a real-time ability to track exact product locations throughout the supply chain. This helps food companies check deliveries and improve food safety. Defective packages can be stopped from ever leaving the plant, preventing the possibility of a recall. In addition, tracking codes provide tighter security, ensuring products are authentic and eliminate fraud.

In addition to companies tracking their products, more and more consumers want to know the source of their food. Food traceability (through tracking technologies) is the ability to identify and validate various stages of the food chain from production to distribution. Smart packaging allows consumers to learn each ingredient’s origin story, view provenance, and feel assured they are receiving the quality they pay for.