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About LUX-IDent s.r.o.


LUX-IDent s.r.o. is the leading RFID transponder manufacturer in the Central Eastern Europe. Since 2002, the company has supplied the market with millions of transponders in different forms for low frequency (LF), high frequency (HF) including Near Field Communication (NFC) and ultra-high frequency (RAIN® RFID). Thanks to the in-house machine design our production plant can be very flexible and offer the customers a high level of quality. LUX-IDent is located in Lanškroun (Czech Republic) and is part of HID Global since November 2019.

Since the use of NFC and RFID at the consumer level with many new types of active and intelligent packaging is growing, LUX-IDent can fulfill here an important attribution for a simple way of consumer engagement. Lux IDent’s RFID/NFC Labels helps you to identify, if a package has been opened or tampered with in a secured way. But also product manufacturers can profit, as it supports to collect market data and educate consumers through product interaction throughout the item supply chain.

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