Prevention better than a cure

The affected brand has another expenditure to consider in rectifying the area or process where the problem arose. A full review of production and the implementation of new processes take time and have further financial implications on a business already damaged by a product withdrawal and recall.

With the continuing rise in product recalls across Europe, businesses are increasingly focusing on prevention. The financial investment in detection technology compared with the financial impact of a product recall is fractional.

If a business is going to invest in preventative, quality control measures, it’s vital that they select the right partner to advise and guide them through the most technologically advanced solutions to protect both their business and their customers.

Ishida’s X-ray inspection technology can detect both metal and non-metallic fragments; bone, shell, glass, high density plastic, stone, rubber and more. Fragments as small as 0.3mm and imperceptible to the human eye can be identified, meaning remedial action can happen before the products leave the factory.

Brand image is maintained or indeed improved as companies are seen to invest in advanced systems to protect customers, brand loyalty persists, and more importantly consumer health and safety is upheld.