Our world today is changing rapidly; take a look back a few years and think about purchased goods, what and how you selected these goods. Advances in automation have given rise to wonderful opportunities for both consumers and manufacturers alike. Read more

Increasing concerns regarding the carbon footprint of packaging are pushing the industry to find new solutions. In this context, cardboard packaging gets more and more favoured as it fits greatly in circular economy approaches. Read more

In cooperation with HP, Packaging Europe will be hosting a webinar to understand the flexibility to meet evolving demands from brands with digital printing. Read more

Digital printing is beginning to strongly impact packaging graphics. In this webinar HP will be sharing how to unleash the unfair advantage created by digital solutions. Read more

In this webinar, you will learn about how the LAETUS UP software platform can help companies meet the challenges of digital transformation. Read more

How can you navigate the risks & challenges to realise the opportunities of the Chinese pharma market? Listen on-demand to the recent webinar hosted by Packaging Europe and DS Smith - and download the exclusive, complimentary report Read more

This week's video highlights look at our two upcoming webinars with Bostik and DS Smith and looks at a new packaging made from orange peels. Read more

Prior to the webinar hosted by Packaging Europe and Bostik on Thursday, June 27th at 11 am CET, Elisabeth Skoda discusses food packaging trends and sustainability issues with speakers Wladimir Moraes and Jean-François Le Cam. Read more

Victoria Hattersley spoke to Emmanuel Pascart, Head of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices business at DS Smith, and Andreas Guip, Managing Director of DS Smith China, to find out about the unique challenges associated with China's pharma market. Read more

In anticipation of the upcoming webinar hosted by Packaging Europe and Markem-Imaje, Tim Sykes discovers why now is the time to discuss GS1-128 barcodes with Derek Dorsey, manager of strategic accounts. Read more

Today's grocery and food service operators expect suppliers to offer seamless end-to-end traceability. They also expect manufacturers to facilitate their goals of improving profitability through greater automation, particularly when splitting pallets Read more

In this webinar, you will learn more about the technology behind clear-looking and peelable and reclosable food trays. You will find out about ovenable tray lids as well as extrudable anti-fog sealing solutions through in-depth case studies. Read more

Find out how implementing GS1-128 barcodes on your packing cases can provide seamless traceability and more efficient inventory management across the supply chain. Read more

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Social Plastic initiative reveals value of packaging waste

Tim Sykes caught up with David Katz, founder and CEO of Plastic Bank, and Philippe Blanke, head of innovation and sustainability, Henkel Beauty Care, to learn how they plan to stop ocean plastic by monetizing waste while improving lives

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