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GN Thermoforming introduces its new high-speed GN580 thermoformer at K 2019, featuring high levels of automation, remote operation, energy recovery system and integrated diagnostics, in a reduced overall footprint Read more

Brückner Group presents its vision for of circularity and digitisation and pushing the technological limits of plastic packaging at K 2019 Read more

The Packaging Europe team gains insights from a glass, paper and plastics perspective from Sustainability Awards gold sponsors O-I (01:08), Amcor (10:58), Koehler Paper Group (16:00), Trinseo (27:10), Domo Film Solutions (39:54) and SP Group (46:16). Read more

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The subject of downgauging is something we have covered extensively in Packaging Europe, and it continues to be one of the main sustainability drivers. Victoria Hattersley looks at how the industry is approaching this challenge. Read more

The world of pre-print has changed dramatically in the past decade. Today’s solutions can create a seamless workflow between packaging design, manufacturing and printing, as Victoria Hattersley discovered. Read more

What began as a legitimate concern about the amount of plastic we use (and throw away) has quickly evolved into what some would call a ‘knee-jerk’ reaction. Read more

As a leader in solutions for PET packaging, among others, Sidel is well placed to give us a picture of how the industry is tackling the complex and often divisive sustainability issues the plastics industry is faced with. Read more

As we reported recently, a study conducted by researchers at the University of Plymouth, designed to provide insights into the environmental deterioration of plastic bags made from different polymer types, has been the subject of some dispute. Read more


It’s no big news to say that the way we consume is changing. And, ever mindful of consumer demands, retailers and brand owners are evolving to cater to these new habits. Victoria Hattersley reports. Read more

In this week’s video news round-up, we look at Tetra Pak’s new connected packaging platform, find out the latest from the much-anticipated Green Fiber paper bottle project, and gather the reactions from various industry bodies to the European Par Read more

How can e-commerce consumer trends boost the adoption of smart and intelligent packaging? How can we make sustainability the core of packaging design? What are the implications for packaging in an omnichannel world? Read more

Integrating Industry 4.0 systems has numerous benefits for packaging lines, particularly when it comes to data capture. Victoria Hattersley talks to Jasper Joosten, Global Key Account Manager at Cama Group. Read more

In December last year, Nestlé announced the creation of a new Institute of Packaging Sciences, which it says will be dedicated to the discovery and development of functional, safe and environmentally friendly packaging. Read more

Carlsberg has set itself some tough environmental targets for the coming decade. Read more

Netherlands-based Circularise uses emerging cryptographic and blockchain technologies to speed up the transition to a circular economy. Read more

Victoria Hattersley looks at two of the leaders in smart track technologies to find out how they are enabling FMCG producers to improve flexibility, cut costs and handle the ever-increasing amounts of production data that needs to be processed. Read more

The concept of omnichannel is changing the way brands relate to consumers. But how is the industry meeting the challenges this presents? Victoria Hattersley reports. Read more

As consumers increasingly demand products and services tailored to their individual needs, it’s clear that the personalisation trend isn’t going away and brand owners need to respond to this. Read more

In our latest issue, we give an overview of some of the key questions and topics currently affecting the aerosols & sprays sector. Victoria Hattersley reports. Read more

The Delegated Regulation EU2016/161 to the Falsified Medicines Directive came into force in February this year, creating a huge task for pharma companies and CMOs to update their systems to meet the deadline. Read more

We have been talking about the many facets of Industry 4.0 for so long now that it no longer feels like something that is new or ‘up-and-coming’. But has its full potential truly been realised, and what comes next? Read more

In this week's video round up we take a look at Johnson & Johnson’s new contact lens recycling scheme, find out how polyester recycling specialist Cumapol’s new CuRe technology and the renewed demand for glass packaging. Read more

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