Tim Sykes


Day four of the world's leading beverage technology fair brought glimpses of the next technological advances in packaging. more

14 Sep 2017 22:34

On 26th September at the PPMA Show Packaging Europe’s Tim Sykes will be chairing a session with Veolia’s Dr Forbes McDougall on sustainable food and drink packaging and the circular economy. The two caught up for an interview ahead of the show. more

23 Aug 2017 15:21

In 2014 Dow made a first appearance at interpack to share with the industry the new approach it had been developing. Returning in 2017, the global business was able to speak in much more concrete terms about its strategic vision of value chain collab more

10 Jul 2017 13:34

Rockwell Automation chose interpack as the stage for its inaugural Best Future Machine competition. Tim Sykes attended the award ceremony to get the winners’ insights into the unfolding capabilities of Industry 4.0 in packaging applications. more

6 Jul 2017 13:27

Packaging Europe looks back at the biggest event in the history of the packaging industry: a festival of innovation that confirmed Industry 4.0 is no longer confined to the future. more

4 Jul 2017 13:17

The market is well aware that packaging prevents more waste than in creates. However, few dispute the merits of the circular economy principle, nor those of reducing waste without damaging functionality – a goal which has driven huge advances. more

4 Jul 2017 10:40

CMC Cartonpack, winner in our ‘Sustainable Machinery Innovations’ category, is a fine example of the way smart production technologies can combine serving the customised needs of the multichannel marketplace at optimised environmental efficiency more

3 Jul 2017 14:35

Winning in our ‘Cutting Food Waste’ category, the X-Hance film is 100 per cent opaque but is still a breathable film, designed to protect, preserve and also promote a wide range of fresh produce. more

3 Jul 2017 13:16

Jindal Films Europe scoops wins the ‘Weight Reduction’ category of our Sustainability Awards thanks to its sustained and broad efforts at downgauging. more

3 Jul 2017 09:41

Our ‘Bio-Based’ category marks significant innovations that help shift towards the use of renewable feedstocks. This year’s winner is a sealed paper packaging concept developed by Bosch Packaging Technology and BillerudKorsnäs more

3 Jul 2017 08:40

When you source packaging products and services, how helpful or frustrating is the internet as a means of finding solutions and suppliers? This is the question being explored in a significant new research project. more

22 Jun 2017 09:47

Tim Sykes reports from Barcelona on the challenge posed by serialisation and the IoT for the whole pharmaceutical supply chain and the specific implications for packaging. more

22 Jun 2017 08:37

Do our brand owners, retailers and graphic designers meet the needs of colour blind consumers? Should the CPG industry be doing better? Tim Sykes tracked down Kathryn Albany-Ward, founder of Colour Blind Awareness. more

13 Jun 2017 15:00

The depth and breadth of innovation at interpack was as overwhelming as ever. However, one particular trend stood out: 2017 was the year that Industry 4.0 truly arrived. more

5 Jun 2017 00:00

Simon Edwards, Vice President Sales & Marketing at Tonejet, talks to Packaging Europe about the company's new digital can decorating machine and how Rockwell's iTRAK technology is an ideal fit to enhance the machine's capabilities. more

2 Jun 2017 07:44

In the second of a series of articles ahead of NEXUS 17 (the annual forum that gathers pharmaceutical supply chain leaders to shape the future of track and trace), Tim Sykes interviews Dr. Bertalan Mesko, The Medical Futurist. more

30 May 2017 10:18

Sparc Systems MD David Buckley introduces a groundbreaking range of modular, robust and cutting edge x-ray inspection and check-weighing machines for the food market, featuring airless technology and simple smart interfaces. more

26 May 2017 09:20

In the first of a series of articles ahead of NEXUS 17 (the annual forum that gathers pharmaceutical supply chain leaders to shape the future of track and trace), Tim Sykes interviews Prateek Lal, CEO of Adept Packaging. more

24 May 2017 11:00

CapScent, an innovative, super-light French capsule, is revolutionising the cosmetics sample space and charming consumers. Tim Sykes spoke to entrepreneur Agnion Mpiere as CapScent prepares to conquer Europe. more

17 May 2017 13:11

Packaging Europe today launches the third edition of its prestigious Packaging Sustainability Awards. The winners and shortlisted submissions across multiple categories will be announced in the July edition of Packaging Europe magazine. more

15 May 2017 13:17 3 Comments