SICK has unveiled its next-generation family of smart photoelectric 2D light array sensors, the RAY10 and RAY26, to detect difficult-to-see products moving on high-speed conveyors in packaging machinery. Read more

A collaboration between SICK and AutoCoding Systems has resulted in the launch of the 'first fully-automatic smart vision inspection system' for printed coding and marking on food, pharmaceutical and other consumer goods packaging. Read more

SICK has reinvented the lightgrid as a versatile “light chain” of cascading photoelectric sensors. The FlexChain detection system is a new way of configuring light grids that offers freedom for automated print and packaging machinery. Read more

SICK has launched its fully-programmable TrispectorP1000 3D vision camera to enable reliable, continuous in-line product detection to be easily customised for robotic belt picking applications for the packaging industry. Read more

At PPMA 2018, visitors to the SICK UK stand (A26) will learn how technology developments in smart sensors and machinery safety systems can release latent productivity benefits. Read more

SICK has launched 2D and 3D vision-guidance systems for easy and quick set-up of robot picking from a conveyor belt or container. Read more

SICK has developed an integrated high-speed quality control system, the Inline Code Matcher, that ensures the right packaging is always used for the right product, avoiding the risk of wasteful rejects, safety issues or costly customer returns. Read more

SICK has launched the LabelChecker, an ‘off-the-shelf’ label inspection solution with the ability to read and verify text, numbers, bar codes and 2D codes, as well as checking label design and print quality. Read more

SICK has collaborated with Universal Robots to develop an entry-level vision-guided cobot system for pick and place, quality inspection and measurement in food, beverage and FMCG packaging applications. Read more

Launched in a global release today, SICK’s next-generation W16 and W26 smart sensors with “BluePilot” alignment are at the helm of a streamlined portfolio of photoelectric sensors. Read more

SICK has launched the DUS60 incremental encoder and DUV60 measuring wheel encoder with DIP switch programmability to provide users with a versatile and economical user-configurable motion control sensor for packaging and printing applications. Read more

Sick's new non-contact DOSIC® ultrasonic flow sensor is used to detect the flow volume of conductive and non-conductive liquids. Read more

Discovering how smart sensor technologies help to deliver manufacturing flexibility and predictive maintenance in Industry 4.0-enabled manufacturing and logistics environments will be the focus for SICK UK’s stand at the PPMA Show. Read more

Last week at interpack SICK presented its wide range of laser sensors, which detect objects reliably within large sensing ranges and the tightest of installation conditions. Read more

SICK has launched the KTS/KTX family of contrast sensors, delivering a powerful next-generation technology that breaks new ground in reliability, accuracy and versatility for print, labelling, converting and packaging applications. Read more

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