The continued growth of Europe’s spice and herb market has been accompanied by a parallel increase in demand for glass packaging as an option. Read more

Consumer appetite for milk looks set to remain steady in Europe over the coming years, but reliable and secure containers will have to play a critical role for the dairy sector’s continued success. Read more

Geoffrey Lu, EVP and GM at Selig, discusses the challenge of creating packaging that is secure and tamper-proof, while remaining easy to open for elderly consumers, those who lack strength or suffer from dexterity or mobility impairments. Read more

Selig has unveiled an advanced three-ply LDPE foam lining material which offers a range of benefits to food & beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other industries that supply their goods in rigid containers. Read more

While leakage prevention is often the primary driver behind the selection of induction foil sealing for automotive product containers, the technology has now moved on to offer other significant benefits. Read more

Selig launches an innovative new induction liner that is EU compliant for fatty food contact at FachPack 2018. In addition, the company will showcase a wide range of innovative, consumer convenient induction cap sealing technologies. Read more

Peter Tindale, European Sales Director at Selig describes the lining materials and how the process variables of pressure, heat and time are critical to the success of induction heat sealing. Read more

Selig, a global manufacturer of cap and closure lining materials for use across a broad range of applications, has published a white paper outlining a pioneering packaging concept for medication. Read more

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