On Second Thoughts

The rush to leave plastics behind has the potential to cause increased environmental impact. In the mad dash to replace plastics, it’s important that we remember the “job we are hiring packaging to do”. Read more

Dana Mosora is a passionate circular economy advocate, currently working as a workstream consultant for CEFLEX, and also a social entrepreneur who has co-founded the ASASE. Read more

In this column, Tom Szaky looks below the surface of recyclability claims and highlights the gap between technical recyclability and practical recyclability. Read more

Jarno Stet, waste and recycling manager, Westminster City Council, UK shares his views on recycling and waste management. Read more

In our regular guest columnist slot that challenges received wisdom, Marcel Verhaaf (creative director at Anthem Benelux) considers the risks of judging physical design using digital imagery. Read more

Haulwen Nicholas (founder of the Packaging Oracle) argues that the current leadership of the packaging world need to make space for a new generation Read more

Everyone should be alert to the dangers of simplistic reliance on headline metrics, argues Sanjay Patel, founding partner of the Packaging Collective. Read more


In the first edition of our new guest column in which packaging experts challenge widely held thinking, Jocelyne Ehret of invites us to have second thoughts about SUPs and accessibility. Read more

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