Martin Berlekamp, Head of Sustainability at Schur Flexibles Group, discusses the sustainability initiatives his firm is undertaking. Read more

GEA and Schur Flexibles discuss their collaboration to realise the FoodTray: a hybrid, separable cardboard/plastic solution Read more

Whether it’s FoodTray, EcoString bag, CoffeeGuard(re) or VACUflex(re) EX-T, Schur Flexibles is introducing innovative, recyclable packaging solutions at the Nuremberg trade show. Read more

The Schur Flexibles Group is expanding its product portfolio to prioritise sustainability and innovation. Recently, the group presented a number of  products from its pioneering “rethink” sustainability strategy. Read more

Schur Flexibles Group, a leading international provider of innovative and sustainable packaging solutions, has acquired 100 percent of Sweden-based flexible packaging specialist Scandiflex Pac AB. Read more

In April 2018, Schur Flexibles Group acquired Uni Packaging UK, allowing it to further offer flexible packaging solutions for a wide range of clients´ product portfolios. Read more

In hardly any industry the demands on packaging are as high and complex as in the pharmaceutical and health care industry. Read more

At FachPack2018, Schur Flexibles presented FlexiClose(re), an innovative packaging concept, which offers optimal product protection, consumer-friendly use, attractive optics and excellent recyclability. Read more

This printing technology will complete Schur Flexibles’ technological portfolio in the future and will provide numerous customer segments with additional application options for small order quantities and rapid design changes. Read more

The new ultra-thin high-barrier film BarrierTop X 35 offers cost reduction and enhanced sustainability – combining extreme thinness with tear resistance and excellent machinability. Read more

Schur Flexibles Group, one of Europe’s leading flexible packaging suppliers, positions itself for the future with the upcoming integration of UNI Packaging and a new CEO. Read more

Weekly round-up, featuring Tetra Pak's paper straw pledge, Schur's ultra-thin barrier film, Tracy Sutton on Design Thinking, and Ulma's new skin pack solution. Read more

BarrierTop X 35 is the latest high-barrier film from Schur Flexibles Flexofol GmbH. At 35µm thickness, BarrierTop X 35 is currently the thinnest film available on the market and provides material savings and high all-round performance. Read more

Schur Flexibles Group (SF)has reached a general agreement with the French family-owned company UNI Packaging and has entered into exclusive negotiations regarding a potential acquisition of the company. Read more

Schur Flexibles Group, Baden/Austria, continues to grow and acquires three premium packaging producers from the Clondalkin Group, Utrecht, Netherlands Read more

With the FlexiClose product range, Schur Flexibles offers flexible reclosing solutions for a wide range of markets and applications. Schur Flexibles' in-house-extruded sealing and functional layers can be tailored to customers´ requirements. Read more

When British chocolatier Hardys was looking for a pack to complement their chocolate selection, they wanted a pack design to elevate customer perception and with a gift-wrapped look. Read more

Many packaging solutions look alike and are often not possible to stand out on the shelf. This also goes for barbecue sausages, which are commonly marketed in flow packs. Read more

Shorter lead times, smaller batch sizes, more ecological sustainability – these are the requirements to which companies in the packaging industry have increasingly to adjust to. Read more

Schur®Star Systems are well known for innovative and creative packaging soolutions - for all types of products and in practically every thinkable construction. Read more

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