RPC Group

RPC has launched an innovative spoon-in-the-lid solution for its popular 75mm container for yogurts, desserts and other dairy products. more

1 Dec 2017 08:47

RPC Promens Industrial Jagtenberg has launched a UN approved container ideal for the packaging of liquids which require easy and even emptying, such as lubricants and coolants. more

23 Nov 2017 14:42

A stylish cap produced by RPC Bramlage using advanced injection moulding technology is providing the ideal complement to the eye-catching bottle for Roma Passione more

10 Nov 2017 10:14


pixel-kraft GmbH

David Rourke, RPC Corby, talks to Packaging Europe about the balance between convenience, preserving food and minimising waste. more

3 Nov 2017 08:27

Neudorff GmbH KG has launched a bio vitality treatment in packs produced by RPC Kutenholz. more

2 Nov 2017 13:24

A polypropylene pack from RPC Superfos is being used for a shellfish range from Spanish frozen seafood company Original Gourmet. The rectangular SuperCube® bucket enables reuse and is ideal for branding. more

27 Oct 2017 08:21

RPC Sæplast is introducing a range of round storage containers into the European and American markets that combine easy handling with optimum product quality during processing. more

19 Oct 2017 08:57

The In-Mould Labelling (IML) capabilities of RPC Superfos have been endorsed after three labels used for its high-quality packaging solutions won prizes at the 2017 IMDA Awards. more

29 Sep 2017 10:19

A bespoke pack from RPC Superfos is delivering improved functionality and on-shelf presence for one of Israel’s leading paint companies. more

14 Sep 2017 13:17

With continuing high demand for convenience packaging solutions, RPC Bebo UK has launched a selection of new packs in both polypropylene (PP) and PET suitable for a wide variety of products. more

7 Sep 2017 14:54

RPC Superfos’s CombiPac® tub is being used to pack a new range from the UK’s favourite butter and spreadable brand. more

25 Aug 2017 08:45

Customised injection-moulded caps from RPC Bramlage are providing a new range of women's haircare products by Kérastase with an additional layer of sophistication. more

17 Aug 2017 12:31

RPC Promens Consumer Llantrisant has launched a series of PET bottles suitable for all types of sauces, condiments and toppings. more

3 Aug 2017 13:21

A Swedish dairy producer is using the SuperLight™ pot from RPC Superfos to pack its new range of quark. more

14 Jul 2017 08:09