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Industry expert Craig Wallace and brand design agency Robot Food team up to remove the barriers to better quality dog food. Read more

Wagg’s no frills, locally sourced, pet food was facing stiff competition from supermarket own-label. The IPN brand needed a fresh start and turned to Leeds based Robot Food to rethink, reposition and rebrand their range of complete food and treats Read more

For many in the UK, Mr Kipling’s range of iconic cakes holds a special place, but internationally the ‘exceedingly good’ brand is relatively unknown. Read more

Now in stores nationwide, Robot Food’s new design for the Co-op’s core range of own-brand beers, ciders and spirits aims to create an impact on shelves at a time when popularity of own-brand products continues to rise. Read more

With a new millennial target in their sights, Feel Good needed to rethink and refresh. Robot Food stepped in to lead on a new identity and packaging design. Read more

Coffee lovers and whiskey fans can double their bliss with Black Twist – a new Hard Coffee created for the cross-over bar and coffeehouse culture. Read more

A dash of strategy, a twist of inspiration and a pinch of heritage transforms Saxa into a brand that’s more than worth its salt. Read more

From the partnership that created Amaze Bites and reasserted Mini Rolls as a firm lunchbox favourite, comes a brand refresh for Cadbury Cake Bars that’s ‘loaded with lovely’. Read more

Seabrook and Robot Food collaborate to reposition the brand, bucking mainstream norms to bag more penetration. Read more

With an uncompromising take on flavour, the West Virginia based brewery needed a brand as ‘righteously dank’ as their ales. Read more

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