Richard Askam

Re-invention isn’t easy but of course sometimes it’s a necessity (as the saying nearly goes) - writes Richard Askam, the Digital Nomad Read more

'One by one, the brands all said the same thing: e-commerce has changed how retailers and grocers are behaving. Suddenly, instead of just asking for cost reductions, they are asking for help.' The Digital Nomad discusses the Amazon effect. Read more


Only with fresh eyes is it possible to see a way to get to the future of packaging. Ironically, once you start thinking in this way, you quickly wonder why you don’t do it more often! Read more

The Digital Nomad encourages us to have a look at the small marginal gains that can add up to make a significant difference. There's never a bad time to make positive changes but make sure those changes are right for our business and clients Read more

Our new columnist Richard Askam (aka the Digital Nomad) woke up on 1st January feeling curiously good… Read more

Our new star commentator Richard Askam (digital print guru, speaker, writer and broadcaster) will be writing a regular, exclusive column for Packaging Europe magazine from our next edition, which hits the desks in January 2018. Read more


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